10 Habits To Help You Achieve Ichigo Ichie

Everyone needs to care about their well being and must remain well-concerned about their health. In short, they must accomplish what the people of Japan say, ‘Ichigo Ichie.’

What is Ichigo Ichie, you may wonder?

Ichigo Ichie is a Japanese term meaning “once in a lifetime” or seizing the opportunity. If you stay healthy and follow some of the key routine habits, reaching the state of happiness is no big task for you!

The following are ten such habits that we recommend to you. They are sure to ensure you are efficient on your journey to attain Ichigo Ichie- contentment with strength and positivity.

Try to Sleep well

An effective sleep schedule is essential for you as a fresh breath of air. This comprises having a quality sleep with high sleep efficiency. Sleep efficiency of greater than 90% is very good, and around 85%-90% is normal, while less than 80% is very poor.

According to the Mayo Clinic study, sleeping time varies with age and individually. It is recommended to sleep 8-11 hours daily on average, for a healthy person. Your sleep must be uninterrupted and follow a regular schedule to help get the required quality of sleep.

Consume healthier foods

You snack at home on what’s in your pantry and freezer. This ‘food’ is more often than not, comprised of ‘ultra-processed food.’ Right?

Eating junk food like candy, ice-cream, and chips are hazardous for you. It’s a bitter pill to swallow, but you must break through such habits right away.

Start substituting them with healthier food such as those made my superior manufacturing. Following a healthy diet will bring nothing but benefits to you, trust us! Having nutritious snacks like dried fruits, beans, and nuts in your home is much better to ease your hunger cravings.

Add more green things to your daily consumption of food. Try having fresh salad alongside your meals. We assure you, this will ensure your protection from so many adverse health effects!

Become friends with your workout routine

What’s life without a little exercise? Nothing, to be honest. Exercise doesn’t just help you shed those extra few inches. It enables you to become fit.

Fitness is vital for your well-being and satisfaction. You need not hit the gym; even a small workout daily can add a few years to your life. When you think of it as fun, exercise inevitably becomes a source of your mental stability as well as physical health.

However, it is critical to remember that you don’t over-exercise. Your muscles need to rest too! Hence, you should plan a regular effective workout schedule for yourself. Remember, the aim is to have a powerful impact on your health and well-being and not to deteriorate it.

Increase your water intake

We all know that an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Very few, however, truly understand how significant proper water intake is for your body.

Your well-being is interconnected with your water consumption too. This, as a consequence, helps improve your emotional health and long-term mental health too!

A 6-8 hour sleep will have your body dehydrated. Hence, you must have at least one glass of water every morning before breakfast. This trick also helps improve your metabolism.

Adopting this habit also means drinking less of other liquids. Yes, we’re referring to soft drinks that have nothing but chemical sweeteners, coloring, and sugar. Their visual and taste appeal aside, they result in nothing but making you feel low and unhappy!

Switch off from technology

Technology is great and essential for your daily life. You even get to read this article, thanks to all the technological advancements!

But sometimes, you need to realize that you are a little too dependent on technology. A complete switch off from it is thus needed every once in a while. This will assist your body release all the negative energy and make your state of mind healthier again.

During this time, reading the newspaper or indulging in other alternatives is appreciated. Read books, do gardening, or even spend time in the kitchen, try new recipes, and whatnot. Reduced screen-time will even reduce the headache and stress you experience daily, trust us!

Say yes to Dietary supplements

Indeed, supplements cannot replace the food essential for your balanced diet, as stated, according to the NIHS US health department.

However, there can be reasons for your body being unable to get the sufficient nutrient level it requires. In such situations, having supplements prescribed by your health-giver to overcome the deficiency is a fantastic option.

Dietary supplements have exceptional abilities to enhance physical well-being and better treat other health problems.

Live with nature

Try to spend time with natural things and enjoy the beauty of nature. Try gardening and spend time in quality air. A regular morning walk can help you refresh your mind and do wonders for your overall productivity levels.

You can also visit different places around the world or near your city that have beautiful landscapes. Watch sunrises, enjoy sceneries, and feel exuberant to be around such blessings.

Try something new

Those who keep trying new things in adulthood report more psychological well-being. It may be that the brain is continually being revamped and rewired. Though, it can also be because it generates the illusion of success, motivation, and diversion.

Hence, your brain works to give you will-power and improve your capacity to cope with stress. This is why you may get new thoughts at random times and even work to accomplish them.

This is why you should try something new every once in a while. Bake the cake you’re thinking of, learn a new language or enroll in any drawing course. Do what you feel will give you more emotional success.

Do things for yourself.

Low self-worth or self-esteem may cause you to feel unmotivated to do anything. Not loving yourself or being dependent on others loving you to feel appreciated is a significant cause of your mental downfall.

This is why you must break through your shell, do something, anything, by yourself, and for yourself. This will boost your self-confidence and independence level. Never feel scared to be happy and find room for yourself.

Jotting down

Writing is a big stress-reliever. It’s a remedy, a type of counseling. Writing your day-to-day thoughts, feelings, etc. helps you manage your emotions while allowing you to think. You can think beyond restrictions and understand your problems better.

One way to express yourself is to write. It helps you feel less burdened, and your mind feels lighter. You wouldn’t realize, but this habit does wonders to improve your mental health and outs a lot of negativity from your body and lives.


A healthy life requires you having fitness alongside an ideal state of mind- relaxed and stress free. For this, you must make some efforts. You must incorporate certain habits including the ones we’ve discussed above in your daily life while refraining from some existing ones.

The journey won’t be easy, you may even feel restless sometimes. But this short patch of rocky road will take you to a smoother highway. Once you get used to this source of abundant positivity, your life is sure to feel much more pleasant and blissful!


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