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Antioxidant Supplements and Blueberries

Are you looking for a manufacturer that knows antioxidant formulation?

Take advantage of one of the biggest industry categories by setting your formula apart from that of your competitors.

Antioxidants help to fight and manage free-radicals within the body. These free-radicals populate naturally inside the body, and unfortunately, are known to compromise a range of bodily functions such as lowering your immune system to even speeding up the aging process.

Understanding how to prevent these free-radicals from developing is a science that we comprehend. As you develop your antioxidant formula, consider selecting ingredients that will best exemplify your formula’s fight against the development of these free-radicals. Choosing the right ingredients for your next award winning antioxidant formula is imperative.

Superior’s R&D team has over 50 years of product formulation and development experience to help you develop your antioxidant formula.

Our goal is to continuously develop and provide your brand with industry leading experience that will further translate into the market when your brand receives an overwhelming consumer response on the effective nature of your products. Provide us with your next great formula, or have us formulate one for you.

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