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If you want to add BCAA to your supplement line or need a manufacturer to produce a higher volume of BCAA supplements for you, Superior can help. With access to multiple large production facilities across the country and as a top supplement private label manufacturer we provide BCAA supplement manufacturing services for all levels of demand.

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Choosing Your BCAA Supplement Ingredients

While most BCAA comes from parts of animals, there are types that come from plants. BCAA comes in two forms, which are non-proteinogenic and proteinogenic. With our large supply chain, we can source plant-based and animal-based BCAA. If you want to create a complex supplement with other ingredients, we can discuss your ideas with you. These are the main types of BCAA ingredients and their attributes:

  • Leucine is ketogenic and proteinogenic, and it plays a vital role in muscular protein synthesis.
  • Valine is proteinogenic and hydrophobic, and it helps promote hormone balance.
  • Isoleucine is proteinogenic, and it promotes glucose synthesis.
  • 2-aminoisobutyric acid is mostly found in a few fungus-based antibiotics, and its functions may help in preventing diabetes.

There are other benefits with each of these substances. Most types of BCAA are found in beans, soy, dairy or meat. However, some can be created in a lab as well. If you have questions about choosing the right substance or substances for your supplement, our team will be happy to assist you.

Choosing Your BCAA Supplement Delivery Form

The ideal type of delivery form for your supplement depends mostly on your target market. For example, athletes often prefer powders that they can combine with other powder-based supplements. Some prefer a simpler method, such as a capsule. However, the dose is also important. For another example, if you create a complex supplement, the ingredients may be too large in volume to consume in a single capsule. As a leading drink, capsule and powder manufacturer we can provide a myriad of options for your formulation.These are some popular delivery forms for BCAA supplements:

  • Gummies
  • Loose powder
  • Drinks
  • Capsules
  • Tablets

If you choose a liquid, a dissolvable powder or a chewable form of supplement, we can also work with you on flavors and sweeteners. We can develop custom flavors for you, and we offer both artificial and natural sweeteners and flavors. Also, we offer natural and artificial colors.

Choosing Your BCAA Packaging Type

Once you know the ingredients and type of delivery form you prefer, picking the packaging is an easier task. These are some popular packaging forms that people choose for this type of supplement:

  • Resealable bags or pouches
  • Single-serve packets
  • Blister packs
  • Glass jars or bottles
  • Plastic jars or bottles

We can source most types of packaging forms to meet your preferences. With our robust supply chain, we can source eco-friendly, affordable, recycled and other types of packaging products.

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How We Manufacture BCAA Supplements

The way each supplement is created varies slightly depending on the type of BCAA, the delivery form and the dose. However, our teams take on the complex processes and leave the creativity to you. These are the main steps.

Step 1: You Design Your BCAA Supplement

In this phase, we work with you on dosing, delivery form, flavoring and any other important details. You choose your packaging type, label design and other creative details. If you want your product created under specific certifications, such as Kosher or TGA, we offer several respected certification options.

Step 2: We Create Your BCAA Supplement

Once the details have been verified by you, we start working on the creation process. There are different extraction and processing steps for each substance based on the type of BCAA and its source. For example, there are different processes for extracting valine from meat and soy. These are the main steps we take after the BCAA is properly extracted:

  • If you require flavors or colors, we add those and blend the ingredients.
  • We prepare the delivery form or its components.
  • To ensure equal dosing, we carefully measure the well-blended ingredients.
  • We inspect the finished supplement delivery form.
  • We package the supplements and inspect them again.

Step 3: We Create Your BCAA Supplement

After your supplement passes the internal quality assurance procedures of a facility, it will also be inspected to ensure compliance if you asked for it to be created under a certain certification. Once we are sure that your supplements are true to their labels and are of the highest quality, we ship them and notify you.

Common Concerns With BCAA Supplement Manufacturing

We appreciate that our customers are conscientious about the supplements they sell to people, and we are just as conscientious about the products we provide. Our teams understand that nutraceutical sellers are concerned about quality ingredients, suppliers, processing methods, production quality and production capacity when choosing a manufacturer. This is how we acknowledge those important concerns:

  • We research suppliers to ensure that they use proper methods to protect ingredients and are responsible in sourcing.
  • Since we offer access to multiple sizable facilities, we have enough capacity to meet all levels of need.
  • We ensure that all active ingredients are potent and high in quality.
  • The production facilities have strict procedures that meet or exceed FDA rules, cGMPs and other important regulations.

Why Choose Us for BCAA Supplement Manufacturing?

In addition to the previous benefits, these are some other reasons to work with Superior:

  • We have excellent customer service policies and representatives.
  • You have a dedicated account executive to give you personalized service.
  • Our skilled production teams can handle complex R&D, formulation, flavoring and other tasks.
  • Since we offer access to multiple facilities, you have scalable production flexibility.
  • We give you a wide range of choices that span over 95% of the market’s available delivery forms and packaging types.

Our teams can provide you with any necessary documentation that you need as well. From tiny startups to respected Fortune 500 companies, we have served businesses of all sizes and look forward to serving you. Please contact us to learn more about BCAA supplement manufacturing.

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