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Dropper with CBD oil, cannabis live resin extraction isolated

CBD products have exploded in popularity recently. Recent data shows that over 1,500 brands currently exist in the marketplace.

When looking for the best cbd manufaturing in San Diego, California or the domestic USA a brand must ask it’s what requirements are non negotiable. Many facilities with NSF, NPA, or SQF certifications may not be willing to manufacture with CBD. This leaves most brands faced with handing their supply chains over to lesser quality manufacturers and facilities.

The next consideration would be the type of delivery form needed. Some delivery forms are much easier and less risky than others when dealing with CBD. For example, doing a CBD capsule project can be very easy as it’s just the cbd powder and other potential ingredients going into a capsule. CBD Gummy manufacturing on the other hand can take many rounds of R&D to get not only the taste right but the consistency of the gummy.

The next, and sometimes biggest consideration will be the quality of CBD you can get access to. Many facilities will not allow client supplied CBD material for a whole host of reasons. This leaves the brand stuck with whatever supplied CBD is available at the facility. This does not lend well to creating unique and cutting edge CBD products.

Superior Supplement Manufacturing is one of a few companies that offers several CBD services that span the supply chain and allow our clients tho have unlimited options compared to other regular manufacturers. Whether you are ordering 5,000 bottles or 5 million, we have all-in-one turnkey services that can serve you. We have capabilites to do small batch and large R&D, Flavoring, Delivery systems such as Gummy, Softgel, Tablet, Powders, Liquids and more. In addition many of facilities has obtained NSF, NPA or SQF certification for the ultimate in quality and purity!

If you are looking for a Superior Manufacturer in the California, Texas

If you are looking for a superior CBD manufacturer in the California, Texas, Nevada, New York, Florida, Georgia, and other areas in the domestic USA please call Superior Supplement Manufacturing and let us guide you in your next health food or dietary supplement CBD project.

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