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Gummy supplement formulations of lime, strawberry and lemon

With an explosion in CBD products and consumer demand the supply for a high quality CBD gummy bear manufacturer has become more and more difficult. For the brand looking for a large selection of delivery forms, certifications, such as NSF, ISO and NPA, and high quality manufacturing there are not many options in the USA.

Superior Supplement Manufacturing is one of very few companies that can offer a myraid of CBD gummy bear services. We offer customized formulation, flavoring, R&D and numerous delivery forms such as gummy, capsule, softgel, tablet, powders, liquids and more. We also can offer these services inside of the highest quality facilties in the United States holding certifications such as NSF, ISO, NPA, Certified Organic and more.

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We offer CBD manufacturing services using customer supplied material (in very select cases) as well as manufacturer sourced CBD and or Hemp. Typically, customer supplied CBD is not preferred because of various legal regulations but under some circumstances will be accommodated.

If you are looking for a superior CBD manufacturer in the California, Texas, Nevada, New York, Florida, Georgia, and other areas in the domestic USA please call Superior Supplement Manufacturing and let us guide you in your next health food or dietary supplement CBD project.

What Is The Difference Between CBD Oil And Hemp Oil?

One of the questions that people keep asking is, “what is the difference between hemp oil and CBD oil?” It can be really confusing separating the two. If you’ve been doing research or have gone to your local health food store, you’ll notice that hemp is everywhere. But what if you’re looking for CBD oil? You might be bewildered as to which of the two is going to be a good oil for you.

Let’s start with hemp oil. The deal with hemp oil is that it comes from the hemp seed. What you should know is that hemp seeds contain almost no CBD in it at all. The amount in hemp is less than 24 parts per million, which is almost zero. When you see that a product is just hemp oil, it’s usually from the seed. The hemp seed doesn’t have any CBD in it.

Hemp oil is still really good for you as it’s incredibly nutritious. Try hemp or hemp seed oil by throwing it into your salads and smoothies. Do this for the sake of your body. It’s probably also cleaner for you than fish oil. You don’t have to worry yourself too much about any toxicity like you might get from some unscrupulous fish oil dealers.

Hemp oil has the perfect yin and yang balance of omega3s- to omega-6s. These oils are part of what makes hemp and hemp seed oil so fabulously nutritious for you. However, keep in mind that hemp oil has no CBD in it.

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What is CBD Oil?

CBD oil does not come from seeds. CBD oil comes from either the hemp or cannabis plant. If it’s legal CBD oil, then it comes from the leaves, the flowers and the stocks of the hemp plant. These all have a very high concentration of CBD in them. And CBD stands for cannabidiol. It’s one of the 80 plus cannabinoids found in the hemp plant.

The CBD, or the cannabidiol, is what has all the medicinal properties. That’s what people take to help bring homeostasis and balance to the body. CBD is a great substance to use when trying to bring about balance to the body.

Health Benefits of CBD Oil

People take CBD oils to help with inflammation. Everyone seems to be talking about inflammation and the associated elevation in inflammatory cytokines. CBD oil can help bring those back down to earth.

People also take fish oil for inflammation as there are some benefits with those fish-based omega-3s. But hemp oil and it CBD oil relative are not the same thing.

Another health condition that CBD oil helps treat is nervous conditions. When neurotransmitters get to elevated, they can cause anxiety. This can cause problems with sleeping CBD oil can help bring those neurotransmitters back down to earth.

What About Hemp Seed Oil?

CBD oil has cannabis oil in it. It’s made from the leaves, the flowers and the stock. But this is not the case with hemp seed. Hemp seed oil is completely different, but this is the problem. If you go online to Amazon and you search for CBD oil, get ready for some confusion. You’re going to see all these different types of oils being sold for CBD.


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Clinicians’ Guide to Cannabidiol and Hemp Oils