COMUNICADO DE PRENSA: Superior Supplement Manufacturing recibe el prestigioso premio DOW Packaging Silver Award a la innovación


2018 PAC EXPO, Chicago

Tito Flores Senior Account Executive Superior Supplement MFGSuperior Supplement Manufacturing acepta el Premio de Plata de DOW por la innovación en el empaque. La categoría general era: Envasado de bebidas. "Con más de 200 solicitantes de más de 30 países, este premio nos parece muy gratificante. Nuestra Bolsa Mezcladora patentada tenía más de 5 años de vida y trae un nuevo vehículo de entrega al mercado de suplementos dietéticos. Es perfecto para los consumidores con estilos de vida activos", dice Tito Flores, Ejecutivo de Cuentas Senior de Superior Supplement Manufacturing.

Superior Supplement Manufacturing partnered with JPro Dairy International, Inc. and Viva5 Corporation to bring this new supplement delivery form to market. The Shaker Bag is a delivery system that gives consumers an easy to fill, on the go way to enjoy powdered nutritional supplements, whether it’s for weight management, sports nutrition, probiotics/prebiotics, energy, or meal replacement. Its patented technology is perfect for supplement manufacturers looking for a better way to sell their supplements. With the pre-filled powder Shaker Bag, all the consumer has to do is add water for a perfect mix, no mess, no fuss, just shake and enjoy. It is also environmentally smart, recyclable, and TSA safe.

Acerca de la Fabricación Superior de Suplementos

Superior Supplement Manufacturing is changing the way dietary supplement brands are looking at contract manufacturing. Our unique brand-focused partnership approach creates a single point of contact at each and every stage of a brand’s lifecycle. It’s an approach that centralizes the brand’s supply-chain making the management of the order process smoother and easier, providing a manufacturing model for a better product and a more successful brand. We offer of a ‘full-spectrum’ suite of services as a capsule, tablet, softgel, liquid, powder, gummy vitamin manufacturer and order management, R&D and custom formulation, lab testing, regulatory compliance, label design, and through 3rd party marketing service, fulfillment, and logistics partnerships.

Acerca de JPro Dairy International, Inc.

JPro was established in 2001 as an International Dairy Products Trading Company based in California USA. Our Single-Serve Delivery System is backgrounded with 4 patents which we refer to as MIXONCOMMAND® or MOC®. In addition to providing a complete full-service co-packing service for our MOC® products our partner company, AquaPlex Nutritionals provides a full-service formulation, flavoring, blending and co-packing capability for any nutritional supplement product. Please refer to the websites for further information.

Acerca de Viva5 Corporation

Viva 5 Corporation is a US and International leader in sourcing, product development, manufacturing, regulatory & marketing support for a variety of channels in the nutrition health & beauty, and pharmaceutical industries. Viva 5 specialties include the development of innovative, proprietary, and efficacious products that create incremental revenue opportunities for its distribution and retail partners worldwide. For more information, please visit

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