NSF Certified Supplement Manufacturing

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What Is NSF International?

The National Sanitation Foundation was founded in 1944. In 1990, it changed its name to NSF International. At that time, it sought to grow beyond the limited realm of sanitation and expand into other areas of safety on a global scale. These are a few important facts about NSF International:

  • Its mission is to improve human health on a global scale.
  • Its service groups provide certification and testing for systems and products.
  • It is an accredited and independent organization.

Regulators, consumers and manufacturers look to it for developing and overseeing public health standards for water, food, the environment and consumer products.

What Does NSF International Do?

nsf employees scientistsNSF International consists of toxicologists, microbiologists, engineers, public health experts and chemists who study, test and certify products and manufacturing facilities.

Product testing is conducted in state-of-the-art facilities. They also inspect petitioning facilities and analyze their operational processes, documentation and other records. In addition to testing and analysis, these are some of NSF International’s responsibilities:

  • The standards group helps develop sets of safety standards.
  • The services group tests and certifies systems and products.
  • NSF International provides risk management solutions and auditing services to address public health issues.

According to the organization’s site, it handles every step of a production process for tangible items. In terms of facility certification, the entity inspects every aspect of a production location. Audits are performed before and after certification.

What Is NSF Certification?

NSF certification is a regulatory approval that gives retailers, suppliers and other regulatory bodies assurance that a product or its manufacturing process complies with detailed quality and safety standards. The certification also encompasses sustainability issues. With non-consumable products, NSF certification assures the public of adequate performance.

NSF Facility Certification Versus NSF Product Certification

It is important to understand that NSF International offers distinct certifications in products and in facilities. When it comes to medical or health products, certification includes goods, such as assistive devices or consumable substances. For facilities, certification includes the building, equipment, processes and other factors that are related to production tasks.

Facility Certification

facility nsf certificationIt is important to note that the NSF certification mark on a product’s packaging indicates product certification and not facility certification.

Production facilities are not allowed to use the certification mark on product labels or packages unless the product has been specifically certified under NSF. This applies regardless if the manufacturer is certified by NSF. However, it is permissible for manufacturers to display NSF GMP-registered marks on websites, marketing materials and business cards.

Facility certification is open to facilities that produce finished products and to facilities that produce raw materials or supplies. For a supplement-related example, this means that a facility that manufactures oil-based ingredients may apply, and a facility that it sends the oils to for capsule production and packaging may also apply. These are some important requirements that the organization has for facilities that apply:

  • Adheres to NSF/ANSI 173, Section 8 GMP regulations.
  • Consistently maintains production that meets the FDA’s 21 CFR, Part 111 GMPs.
  • Demonstrates a commitment to public safety.

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When a facility is registered with NSF International, it shows that the facility has the proper protocols in place to maintain consistency. If it is registered with the NSF for Sport program, it means that the facility is able to prevent any cross-contamination issues through tracing and sourcing procedures.

Product Certification

nsf product certifcationNSF International’s Dietary Supplement Certification Program started in 2001. It is based on NSF/ANSI 173 regulations. The organization has an extensive reach in verifying quality of usable items.

For example, it certifies some plumbing equipment, kitchen equipment and other types of equipment. It certifies spas, pools and even building materials. These are some examples of consumable products that it certifies:

  • Dietary supplements
  • Sports supplements
  • Bottled water
  • Foods

NSF certification of products means that the organization has tested them for accuracy in ingredients, dosing and claims on the label. On the organization’s website, there is information about the NSF International mark. It may appear in a few different versions on various products. For example, the mark on a water bottle may look different than the mark on some pool equipment. However, the certification means that the product is compliant with all requirements. When you see the NSF mark on something, it indicates the following:

  • The organization conducts unannounced inspections to ensure compliance.
  • The organization conducts impartial reviews with established criteria.
  • The compliance measures that are used are respected in 170 countries around the world.

Process for NSF Certification for Facilities

nsf process of approvalFacility certification is the type of accreditation that our customers are most concerned about when they contact us.

Since the inspections, requirements and audits are intensive, certification is considered a pinnacle of excellence in maintaining the strictest GMPs.

NSF Facility Certification Steps

After a facility applies for certification, these are the steps that follow:

  • Personnel assessment on all levels.
  • Inspection of the plant and grounds.
  • Inspection of utensils and equipment.
  • Analysis of production control systems.
  • Holding and distribution assessments.
  • Assessments of returns and complaints processes.
  • Audits of recordkeeping processes and records.
  • Analysis of the entity’s recall procedure.

How NSF International Handles Problems

After the initial inspection, the organization often finds a few issues with a facility. It emails a confidential audit report that reflects any corrective actions that the facility must take. Once corrective actions are taken, NSF International performs an additional review. If NSF International approves the corrective actions, it grants certification to the petitioning facility and provides proof of it.

How Manufacturers Maintain Certification

Once NSF certification is granted, manufacturers must continue to meet all guidelines. To ensure that they do, NSF International conducts audits twice each year. Corrective actions are ordered if they are identified, and companies have a specific time frame to comply.

As long as they remain in compliance, they maintain certification. This gives customers of manufacturing companies continual assurance that the highest standards are upheld at all times.

Benefits of NSF Certification

For manufacturers of supplements, the biggest benefit is being able to offer this respected production certification to customers. Many of your customers will be looking for one or more quality certifications for supplement manufacturing processes. These are some additional benefits:

  • Increases buyers’ confidence in the supplement brand.
  • Provides a brand with a competitive advantage in the supplement market.
  • Boosts a brand’s credibility, integrity and public image.
  • Makes it easier to enter products into NSF International’s product certification program.


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