Softgel Manufacturer Services Offering Turnkey Production

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Looking for a high capacity, high quality and highly certified softgel manufacturer? You deserve the perfect product to elevate your brand above the competition. We stand ready to guide you through the process, delivering your high-quality, custom softgels on time and within budget.

Softgel Manufacturing Options and Benefits/Downsides

Finding a softgel manufacturer offering high quality, pharmaceutical grade facilities is important in delivering high-quality complex softgel formulations. Similar to capsules, softgels are an easy to use oral delivery method for custom formulations. And they’re extremely customizable, coming in many sizes, shapes, and colors.

These are just a few options:

  • CBD or Hemp Softgel
  • Omega 3 Fish Oil Softgel
  • Vegetarian Softgel
  • Vitamin D Softgel
  • Vitamin E Softgel
  • CoQ10 Softgel
  • And thousands of other possibilities!


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Softgels most commonly consists of either a gelatin-based or vegetable-based shell that surrounds your liquid formulation. They can be colored and customized to reflect your brand and formulation.

Many people prefer softgels over tablets and capsules because they’re easy to swallow. This makes them very popular for nutritional supplements. There’s also evidence backing the claim that they’re easier for the body to absorb.

Opaque colors can protect any light-sensitive ingredients. And you can add scents to mask unpleasant smells from ingredients. If your formulation requires it, we can give your softgels an enteric coating, allowing for delayed delivery of sensitive ingredients.

Benefits of Softgels

Softgels are perfect for providing dosages of liquids, suspensions, pastes, and dry powders. As an oral delivery system, they versatile, working well for ingredients that can’t be put into tablet form. And because your formulation will be suspended in liquid, they offer more bioavailability. When working with Superior as your private label softgel contract manufacturer we can educate you to all the different pros and cons of softgels and what will be best for your product portfolio based on goals and needs.

There are many more benefits to softgels:

  • Customizable
  • Fast, effective absorption
  • High bioavailability
  • Good for complex formulations
  • Protects formula quality
  • Vegetarian options
  • Uniform dosage
  • And much more!
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Customized green softgel capsules


Downsides to softgels:

  • Can be more expensive
  • Dietary restrictions: allergies, use of gelatine, etc.
  • Challenges incorporating water-soluble materials
  • Not for incorporating efflorescent materials due to softening/leaching
  • Moisture/heat sensitive

Even with these downsides in mind, softgels are still a great way to provide high-quality nutritional supplements for your customers. Remember, you’re not alone in your journey. Reach out to your Superior Account Executive if you have any questions. They’re fully prepared to guide you to the best delivery method for your supplements.

How Does Softgel Manufacturing Work?

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CoQ10 softgels


From the moment your formulation is started, our team works to ensure purity and the highest quality control possible.

All softgels are produced in facilities that are

state of the art with encapsulation equipment that’s capable of producing medical-grade softgels. Your formula is checked for quality and purity and multiple steps in the production process.

Softgels are manufactured in a sterile, temperature-controlled environment. Here’s a look at that process:

  • Gelatin Preparation: We begin with gelatin materials that is a syrup called a “gel mass” that will be later used for incapsulation. We add coloring here if desired.
  • Fill Material Preparation: Your formulation is prepared by processing it into a non-aqueous oil or paste for encapsulation to occur.
  • Encapsulation: The gel mass is compressed into a thin layer that we can then wrap around the fill material to create your softgel.
  • Drying: To remove excess moisture from the shell and firm it up, we dry your softgels by either tray drying, tumbling, or a combination of both.
  • Cleaning: We then clean your softgels so they glisten in appearance.
    Inspection: All softgels go through rigorous testing for quality and safety assurance.
  • Packaging: Finally, we label your product and include any additional marketing materials before sending it to you through fulfillment.

The Superior experience doesn’t end once your product hits the market. We’ll keep you informed of product trends, new opportunities and regulatory changes to help you stay ahead of your competition.

Choose the Right Packaging for Your Softgels

softgel blister packaging
omega 3 fish oil supplement in a blister pakaging


The right package is about more than having something that holds your product. It’s about hinting at the future your customers will experience by choosing your formulation. Effective packaging goes a long way. It turns heads, guides your product to their cart, and leaves them feeling confident about their purchases.

We offer a range of packaging to fit your needs:

  • PET and HDPE Bottles
  • Plastic and Glass
  • Jars, Oblongs, Packers
  • Blister Packs
  • Stick Packs
  • Sachets
  • Cartons
  • Folding displays and boxes
  • And more options to choose from…

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The Superior Difference: What Makes Us Unique

We design your specific softgels with your whole business in mind. With Superior Manufacturing, you’ll get a trusted supplement manufacturing team who knows the industry and how to deliver the best product for your brand.

Get the highest quality, turnkey softgels ready for market. When you choose Superior, we’ll make sure your formulations shine.

  • Turnkey all in one softgel manufacturer
  • Complete Customization
  • Rigorous Testing
  • Masked bitterness or off-putting flavors
  • On-Time Manufacturing
  • Complete Quality Assurance
  • Fast delivery

All softgels are manufactured in a cGMP certified facility that ensures the highest quality. No matter how complex or unique your softgel is, we will work with you to bring it to market. Best of all, we handle every part of your entire order, so you don’t have to worry about any other aspect of the manufacturing process. We handle everything!

SUPERIOR CUSTOMER SERVICE: Poor communication plagues the supplement manufacturing industry. We prioritize communication, service and support with each of our customers. As the cornerstone of our business, we’ll be there for you to answer any questions and put your mind at ease before, during, and after the manufacturing of your unique product.

SUPERIOR ACCOUNT EXECUTIVES: We don’t just answer your questions. We pair you with your own Account Executive based on your specific needs, location and situation. No matter the complexity or order size, your Account Executive will be waiting to treat your product with high-touch, white-glove service.

SUPERIOR TURNKEY MANUFACTURING: As one of the largest supply chain manufacturing networks in the country, we’re your one-stop-shop for all your supplement manufacturing needs. R&D, formulation, flavoring and certification requirements, we’ve got everything you need.

SUPERIOR RESOURCES: Our vast network of resources means we can turn your dream of a custom formulation into a reality. Tight budgets, quick turnarounds, sorting through supply chain nightmares, we have the resources needed to deliver on your demands.


Frequently Asked Questions About Softgel Manufacturing

If you’re in the market for softgel manufacturing, but still have questions about the process and what to expect, then you’ll find your answers below. Here are our FAQs about the softgel Manufacturing Process:

Why choose softgels?
There are many benefits to softgels as a delivery form. They allow for very precise dosaging, can mask bitter or poor smelling ingredients, increased bioavailability and are easier for consumers to swallow.

What are softgels made of?
Softgels can be made of a variety of substances. The most popular softgels are gelatin and vegetarian. Vegetarian capsules are made of a seaweed extract called Carrageenan.

How are softgels used?
Softgels are used for supplements, medicines, botanicals and many other applications.

What advantages do softgels provide?

  • Stability in high temperature
  • Many shapes and sizes
  • Vegetarian, vegan and animal-based versions
  • Can mask poor or bitter-tasting ingredients

You’ve worked hard to create a custom formulation you know will fit your market. Don’t let your hard work and effort go to waste. Trust in a supplement softgel contract manufacturer who will be there as your guide from the moment you receive your quote until the product arrives at your door.

With Superior Manufacturing, you’ll never be in the dark. We’ll work with you to create the custom product you need. Start your journey with Superior and give us a call today!

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