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GABA, short for gamma aminobutyric acid, is a naturally occurring amino acid that works as a chemical messenger in our brains. 

GABA also reduces activity in the nervous system. By doing that, it creates a calming effect, which helps your brain deal better with fear, stress, and anxiety.


1. Reduces Stress

Gamma aminobutyric acid is popular for its calming effects that have many benefits, including:

  • Reducing fear
  • Reducing stress
  • Improving mood
  • Reducing anxiety
  • Preventing seizures

Out of its many benefits, arguably the most important one is its effect on stress. GABA supplements have been shown to significantly reduce stress.

In case you didn’t know already, too much stress is directly linked to poor sleep, more anxiety, worse depression, and a weaker immune system. 

2. Reduces Anxiety

Multiple studies conducted in 2006 have shown that taking GABA supplements help people feel more relaxed during stressful events.

According to some of those studies, GABA is even more effective at reducing anxiety than L-theanine and many other popular anxiety-reducing supplements. 

Lastly, the same studies also conclude that the relaxing effects kick in within an hour of ingesting GABA.

3. Reduces High Blood Pressure

A couple of small and long published studies have investigated the effects of gamma aminobutyric acid for lowering blood pressure.

In one study from 2003, people with high blood pressure who regularly consumed a fermented milk product containing GABA for 2-4 weeks noticed reduced blood pressure.

Furthermore, another study conducted on people with borderline hypertension found out that taking a GABA-containing Chlorella supplement twice a day significantly reduced blood pressure.

4. Reduces Symptoms of Insomnia

According to this study, participants who were given 300 milligrams of GABA (approximately) an hour before going to bed fell asleep faster than those who were given a placebo.

Furthermore, the same study also concluded that taking GABA supplements not only helped participants fall asleep faster but also improved their sleep quality.

5. Reduces Fatigue

According to this Japanese study, 30 participants who were given a beverage containing 25-50 milligrams of GABA felt less fatigued both mentally and physically after performing a problem-solving task.


Health Issues Associated With GABA Deficiency

People who take gamma aminobutyric acid supplements regularly have fewer chances of suffering from:

  • Panic disorders
  • Seizure disorders
  • Mood disorders, such as depression
  • Movement disorders, such as Parkinson’s disease
  • Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder

So to stay clear of these health issues, add a GABA supplement to your diet.


Daily Recommended Intake

Currently, there is not enough scientific evidence to determine the daily recommended intake of GABA for the average individual.

However, the following doses of GABA have been used in different studies:

  • For high blood pressure: 10+ milligrams of GABA was given to participants daily for twelve weeks.
  • For insomnia: 300 milligrams of GABA was given to participants an hour before they went to bed.
  • For fatigue: 25-50 milligrams of GABA was given to participants regularly for a couple of weeks.


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