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By definition, goji is a bright red edible berry widely cultivated in China. It’s commonly used to treat certain eye, liver, and kidney issues.

Goji berry has a boatload of health benefits, including boosting the immune system, protecting against flu, aiding weight loss, lowering blood sugar levels, and increasing testerone.


1. Boosts Immunity and Protects Against Flu

In case you didn’t already know, a strong immune system and flu protection go hand-in-hand.

Several scientific studies show that goji berries can boost immunity and provide flu protection.

According to early lab testing on aged mice, goji berries enhance the effectiveness of vaccinations — which is important because vaccines alone don’t always provide proper protection against the virus.

The same study also suggests that goji berries can prevent subsequent infections for older adults who’ve received a flu vaccine.

However, please note that goji berries are not a treatment for the flu. You should always get your flu shot every year and never substitute it with goji berries.

To summarize, goji berries boost immunity and while they alone cannot protect your body against the flu, when taken with flu shots they help your body put up a better fight.

2. Packed With Powerful Antioxidants

In case you didn’t know already, antioxidants protect cells against harmful elements, such as smoke and radiations.

According to multiple recent studies, goji berries pack high levels of powerful antioxidants, such as zeaxanthin — which gives saffron, goji berries, and bell peppers their bright color.

What’s even more impressive is that goji berries are high in fiber and low in healthy fats.

That is exactly why this study concludes that older adults who were given goji berries had less hypopigmentation and yellow deposits in their eyes, compared to those who were given a placebo.

3. Maintains Blood Sugar

If you’re a sweet tooth, then sweet goji berry might be your new favorite food because it helps:

  • Lower blood sugar
  • Improve sugar tolerance
  • Alleviate insulin resistance

If you’re on medication that helps manage blood sugar levels, then consult your doctor before adding goji berries to your daily diet.

Health Issues Associated With Goji Berry Deficiency

People who eat goji berry daily reduce their risk of suffering from several health issues, among which the most notable ones are the following:

  • Flu
  • High insulin levels
  • Hyperpigmentation

If you want to avoid the discomfort caused by the health issues mentioned above, then add a goji berry supplement to your diet.

Daily Recommended Intake

An appropriate dose of goji berry is determined by the following factors:

  • User’s age
  • User’s health
  • The condition the user is trying to treat

Currently, there is not enough scientific data available to determine a daily recommended intake of goji berry for the average person.


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