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Guarana, also known as Paullinia cupana, is a climbing plant popular for its fruit. It has a long history of use for its multiple therapeutic effects.

Guarana packs many stimulants and antioxidants, including caffeine, theophylline and tannins. Its seeds are processed into powdered form for use in supplements.

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1. Loaded With Antioxidants

Guarana is loaded with compounds that have powerful antioxidative properties, including catechins, caffeine, theobromine, tannins, and saponins.

As a matter of fact, guarana has a similar antioxidant profile to green tea.

In case you didn’t already know, antioxidants protect our bodies against harmful molecules called free radicals, which are directly linked to cancer, aging, and heart disease. (1)

Several recent test-tube studies show that guarana’s antioxidative properties assist your body in killing cancer cells, reducing aging and heart disease risk. 

2. Reduces Fatigue and Improves Concentration

Guarana is a popular ingredient for energy drinks and other energy boosting supplements because it packs large amounts of stimulants, such as caffeine and tannins. 

In fact, guarana contains nearly 4 times more caffeine than coffee beans. (2)

According to this study, people who took a vitamin supplement containing guarana felt less fatigued during several physical and mental tests as compared to those who took a placebo.

What’s even more impressive is that some studies directly link guarana supplements to reduced mental fatigue in cancer patients. 

3. Improves Your Learning Ability

Multiple studies show that guarana can improve your learning skills.

During one study on the effects of different guarana doses on mood and learning, participants were divided into the following five groups:

  • Group A: received no guarana
  • Group B: received a 37.5 milligram dose of guarana
  • Group C: received a 75 milligram dose of guarana
  • Group D: received a 150 milligram dose of guarana
  • Group E: received a 300 milligram dose of guarana

Group B and Group C achieved the highest test scores.

Since low doses provide low doses of caffeine, the study suggests that other compounds of guarana were responsible for improving learning skills of the participants.

4. Supports Weight Loss

According to recent estimations, one in every three American adults is obese, and obesity is not only an American health issue but a global one.

Since guarana contains caffeine, which may boost your metabolism rate by 3-11%, it can help your body burn more calories at rest. (3)

What’s even more impressive is that several test-tube studies conclude that guarana suppresses genes that aid fat cell production and promotes genes that slow it down.

5. Provides Pain Relief

Guarana’s history as a painkiller dates back to the times of Amazonian tribes. Its pain-relieving properties are due to its high caffeine content.

Caffeine relieves pain by binding and blocking certain adenosine receptors, including A1 and A2a — both of which are responsible for stimulating feelings of pain. (4)


Health Issues Associated With Guarana Deficiency

People who consume guarana daily have less chances of suffering from:

  • Constipation
  • Heart disease
  • Chronic diarrhea
  • Certain skin disorders
  • Certain types of cancer

If you want to save yourself the discomfort caused by the health issues mentioned above, then adding a guarana supplement to your diet is a great way to go about it.


Daily Recommended Intake

An ideal dose of guarana is individual-based. It is determined by the following factors:

  • User’s age
  • User’s health
  • The condition the user is trying to treat

Currently, the scientific data available is not enough to determine the daily recommended intake of guarana for the average individual.


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