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With our services, you have access to one of the largest supply chains in the industry for herbal supplement manufacturing and packaging. If you are thinking about creating organic or non-organic herbal supplements, we are here to help.

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Benefits of Marketing an Herbal Supplement

If you are still thinking about whether to market your own private label vitamins, these are just a few potential benefits to consider:

  • Expand your product portfolio.
  • Reach additional target markets.
  • Strengthen your brand image.

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To enjoy those benefits, you need a good marketing strategy, quality products and attractive packaging. We can supply products of the highest quality that have attractive, innovative and professional packaging.

Herbal Supplement Manufacturing Process

There are several steps when doing herbal supplement manufacturing. After you establish a working relationship with us, we get started on the creation process quickly. These are the steps that you can expect during the entire process of a production project.

Step 1: You Plan the Products and Packaging Ideas

Rest assured that we will handle or verify the complex formulation processes. If you understand the advanced processes and have specific requests, we are happy to incorporate those. However, the most important things that we want to know during this phase are:

  • Active ingredient requirements
  • Dosage requirements
  • Delivery form
  • Labeling and packaging preferences

A delivery form is the composition of the supplement. For example, you can tell us if you want hard-shell capsules, gummies or another type of product. We will be happy to assist you if you have any questions or need suggestions during this planning phase of the project.

Step 2: We Create Your Herbal Supplements

How we create a supplement depends on the chosen delivery form. These are some of the general steps that we take during the creation phase of a supplement:

  • Coating preparation
  • Ingredient measuring and verification
  • Mixing and processing
  • Finishing
  • Testing
  • Packaging

Preparation steps are necessary to form capsules or other supplement coatings. Some types of products have special requirements, and we ensure that those are met to maximize quality.

Ingredients are measured carefully using tested and trusted methods, and the measurements and dosing calculations are verified before the mixtures are produced. Once they are mixed and processed, they may be coated with a lubricant to prevent sticking.

We ensure that rigorous testing methods are used. If you require one or more specific manufacturing certifications, we can accommodate those requests. For example, you may want USDA Organic certification or Oregon Tilth Organic certification for your supplements. We can accommodate your needs for ingredients and manufacturing under these authorities and others. Lastly, we package your supplements.

Step 3: We Ship Your Herbal Supplements

After your supplements have been packaged according to your preferences, we send the shipment to you. We provide tracking information and take precautions to ensure that supplements with temperature limitations are shipped carefully to arrive in good condition.

Popular Supplement Delivery Forms

We are happy to give our customers access to a wide range of delivery forms for herbal supplements. These are just a few examples of popular delivery forms:

  • Gummies
  • Powders
  • Capsules
  • Tablets

Common Types of Supplements

Today, there are many different types of supplements on the market. If you are not sure which type of product to sell, these are a few ideas that you may consider:

  • Energy combinations
  • CBD products
  • Joint support
  • Vision support
  • Anti-inflammatory combinations
  • Hormone balance support

With our robust supply chain, we offer you access to nearly any type of ingredient from our trusted suppliers. We can also meet your needs for certified organic substances that meet high standards.

Popular Herbal Supplement Packaging Choices

We offer packaging options to meet your practical or creative ideas. With access to most configurations, you have plenty of varieties to choose from. Some customers prefer to have supplements bottled and put into a box. However, you may want to only use bottles if you want to cut down on waste and costs. These are some examples of common packaging choices:

  • Plastic bottles
  • Glass bottles
  • Jars
  • Blister packs

Common Herbal Supplement Manufacturer Concerns

Part of protecting your company’s future and your competitive edge is ensuring that you have access to responsible suppliers and ethical manufacturing facilities. These are important to us as well. Most customers share these top concerns:

  • Sanitation
  • Manufacturing capacity
  • Supplier standards
  • Compliance measures
  • Testing quality

One of the most important reasons why compliance is critical to us is because it encompasses sanitation, high standards of production and thorough testing. Rest assured that we verify each of these before your supplements are packaged and sent to you. We work with many reputable suppliers for top-quality raw materials.

If you want to have more than one type of herbal supplement created, we have the manufacturing capacity to handle multiple requests simultaneously. We offer our customers more than 500,000 square feet of manufacturing space. This means that we can also handle orders for multiple types of supplements to be created simultaneously.

Why Choose Us as Your Herbal Supplement Manufacturer?

These are some of the top reasons to choose our services:

  • Our extensive experience spans 95% of packaging and delivery options.
  • We handle complex or simple requests for research and development, flavoring, formulation and certification.
  • With our capacity, we can handle future growth.
  • Our top commitment is excellent customer service.
  • You have a dedicated account executive, and our support team is here to help.

We have helped produce herbal supplements for many types and sizes of businesses, including a variety of Fortune 500 entities. Our company will be happy to provide you with testing, safety and ingredient reports if you require them. If you have questions about manufacturing non-organic or organic herbal supplements, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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