Kosher Supplement Manufacturing in the USA

A Kosher certified supplement manufacturer is important to many supplement companies. If you are looking for a company that can manufacture your supplements under this certification in multiple facilities, we can help. We have one of the supplement industry’s largest supply chains and many certification options to choose from.

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What Is Kosher Certification?

Kosher is a Hebrew-derived word that is recognized in many other languages for certification of consumable products. Kosher means acceptable or proper. In ancient Jewish laws, traditions and rules about foods were outlined. Those laws are still observed by many religious people today, and it is important to use this certification for supplement manufacturing if that is your target market.

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Although situations and technologies have evolved over time, many of the original principles have been preserved and applied to modern processes. Kosher laws apply to some types of food and how they are prepared, and those preparatory processes also apply to ingestible supplements.

Who Provides Kosher Certification?

There are over 1,000 agencies that administer certificates and handle verification processes. Those agencies span Israeli, national, international, Orthodox, non-Orthodox and specialty organizations. They work together to address the issues of animal welfare, business practices, environmental aspects and production processes. Orthodox agencies are stricter, and some non-Orthodox agencies are somewhat lenient about business operations and food production. In the United States, there are five major agencies, which include:

  • OK
  • OU
  • Star-K
  • KOF-K
  • CRC

Together, these five agencies are responsible for certifying more than 80% of the qualifying goods and foods that are sold in the United States.

What Requires Certification?

Kosher certification assures buyers that they are consuming products that are completely acceptable under Jewish religious laws. This means that the following must be certified:

  • Ingredients
  • Utensils
  • Production processes
  • Production or food service locations

For supplement manufacturing orders that require this certification, we ensure that all suppliers of ingredients are also compliant. Our supply chain includes a wide variety of Kosher certified manufacturers to ensure that you have access to a broad range of ingredient choices when you create your supplements.

How Does Kosher Certification Work?

Since there are so many different agencies that can provide certification, the policies may differ slightly. For example, some non-Orthodox agencies do not have rules about operating on Shabbat. The following is the process for certification from OU, and most agencies have similar processes.

Filing for Certification

There is a form that applicants must file to petition for certification. This application includes basic company information and other details. It is submitted with several forms.

Schedule A Form

On this form, a company must include a list of every ingredient that it plans to use. If you know which ingredients that you plan to use in your supplements, you can provide us with that list. We can also make suggestions if you are still developing your plans and need help with research and development. After Schedule A is submitted, these are the processes that follow:

  • The agency reviews ingredient lists and researches them.
  • The agency checks the ingredients with a database of more than 200,000 approved substances.
  • If any changes are required, the agency notifies the petitioning company.

This process includes research on suppliers of foods and raw materials. This is why we are careful to use responsible and reputable suppliers of kosher products.

Schedule B Form

This form is intended to provide the agency with a list of brands or product names that will be certified. These are some important points to know about Schedule B:

  • The form indicates if a product will bear a certification symbol.
  • The form indicates the classification of the product, such as D for dairy.
  • The form indicates if the product can be used on Passover.

Special Instructions

Plants that offer other certifications and non-kosher manufacturing must establish special instructions. This is also applicable if dairy and pareve production both take place at the same facility.

The instructions provide stipulations, segregation information and other important bits of information that outline the separation of non-kosher or conflicting activities on production lines. For example, if non-kosher substances are produced on the same lines, equipment and utensils must be thoroughly cleaned and boiled before starting kosher production.

Facility Assessment

For supplement manufacturers, this is one of the most important steps in the process. It helps the certifying agency determine the preparedness of the company. If some preparatory steps are missed, the process can take longer and will require an additional visit to verify changes and compliance. These are some important issues that the agency considers:

  • The exact location where the products are made.
  • Whether the products are made by the seller or a manufacturing contractor.
  • The extent of training of all staff members who will be working on kosher production lines.

During the facility assessment, a rabbinic representative walks through the production plant. The representative follows these rules:

  • Ensures that equipment is properly prepared and handled.
  • Ensures that production processes and packaging activities are correct.
  • Checks storage systems to ensure compliance.
  • Reviews transportation or shipping policies to ensure preservation of kosher status.
  • Verifies that sterilization and cleaning procedures are correct for multi-use production lines.
  • Ensures that production systems that must be kept separate are in compliance.

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The company must agree to submit detailed documentation for any raw materials or ingredients that come into the facility. Also, it must carefully document foods that leave the facility. Lastly, production schedules must be thoroughly detailed. Once these requirements are satisfied, the facility inspection is complete.

Maintaining Certification

Maintaining certification can be costly for small companies, which is why most supplement sellers use large-scale manufacturing companies. The costs vary for sizes and types of facilities, and prices vary based on products. Also, the costs are tied the frequency of inspections.

To maintain certification, manufacturers must pass subsequent inspections. Those inspections may be monthly, quarterly or in other increments. Frequency depends on the agency, the manufacturer and several other aspects. Rabbinic representatives conduct the visits to ensure that all compliance measures are upheld.

How Kosher Kosher Agencies Handle Problems

Each agency has its own guidelines for handling issues. During an initial inspection, a company may be given some time to remedy any issues. Once it is in compliance, certification is usually granted. Breaking religious laws can lead to loss of certification. This may apply to facility policies or the behavior of workers. This is why our company ensures that all workers who handle kosher products are fully trained.

Why Kosher Certification Is Important

Kosher certification may strengthen your brand. If you are designing supplements for Jewish buyers, this certification is a must. However, it can also inspire confidence in buyers who do not follow religious laws. According to the OU, these are some benefits of certification that their research shows:

  • Kosher symbols can boost market share.
  • Kosher products are about 20% more popular than non-certified products from competitors.
  • Kosher products may gain more favorable shelf space in retail locations.

Although most people do not know the full extent of the cleanliness requirements for certification, the symbol is recognized as a pinnacle of sanitation and quality. This is an excellent benefit that spans multiple markets.

Why Work With Us As Your Kosher Certified Manufacturer?

We help you minimize the otherwise-costly expenses of maintaining certification status and producing high-quality supplements. These are some additional benefits of working with us:

  • We provide you with a dedicated account executive.
  • You have access to nearly any type of packing configuration or supplement delivery form.
  • Our facilities can handle complex flavoring, research and development, formulation and other tasks.
  • We have an excellent support team and superior customer service.

Our large manufacturing capacity and supply chain give us the ability to serve small businesses and large companies. We have also worked with several Fortune 500 companies. If you wish to receive safety, testing and ingredient reports, we are happy to provide you with any documentation that you need. Please contact us to discuss your supplement manufacturing needs.
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