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Since pregnant women need extra vitamins and minerals to support healthy fetal development, prenatal vitamins are essentia. The market for these special vitamins is competitive, and nutraceutical sellers need a reliable manufacturer that can meet their demands quickly while still providing high-quality vitamins. If you need a supplement manufacturer that can meet your growing needs or want to create a new supplement to get to market quickly, Superior can help. We work with multiple large production facilities across the country to meet all levels of need for private label prenatal vitamin manufacturing.

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Choosing Your Prenatal Vitamin Supplement Ingredients

Two of the most important ingredients for prenatal vitamins are folic acid and iron. Both the mother and the developing baby need these substances. There are other helpful nutrients in prenatal vitamins. These are a few examples:

  • B vitamins
  • Vitamin D
  • Calcium
  • Vitamin E
  • Zinc
  • Vitamin C

You may have some other ideas for prenatal vitamin supplements. For example, if you want to create a sugar-free vitamin supplement specifically for women with gestational diabetes, you may want to add some nutrients that support healthy blood sugar and hormone regulation. Our team will be glad to discuss your ideas with you.

Another important consideration is the type of ingredients you use. Since many expectant mothers are cautious about ingredient sourcing, they often prefer non-GMO and Certified Organic substances. With our large supply chain, we can source all-natural, organic, non-GMO, Kosher and other types of ingredients in most forms.

Choosing Your Prenatal Vitamin Supplement Delivery Form

Many women prefer to find one vitamin that they can use throughout their entire pregnancy. Since they often face morning sickness during the first trimester, choosing a delivery form that is less likely to cause nausea can make your prenatal vitamin brand more competitive. Some coated tablets have a nausea-inducing effect. All-natural flavors and scents are often better. However, our team will be glad to consult with you on your ideas and the available options. These are some popular choices:

  • Chewable tablets
  • Gummies
  • Capsules
  • Softgels

In addition to artificial and natural flavors and sweeteners, we can provide natural or artificial supplement coloring. If you are concerned about the types of coloring agents pregnant women try to avoid, our team can discuss this with you.

Choosing Your Prenatal Vitamin Supplement Packaging

The supplement packaging often depends on the delivery form. These are some available options:

  • Pouches or plastic bags
  • Glass or plastic bottles
  • Glass or plastic jars

If you create an all-natural, non-GMO or Certified Organic supplement, it helps to pick an ideal type of packaging for your market. For example, glass may be more appealing as a container for an all-natural vitamin supplement. If you use a protective packaging as well, recycled or recyclable paper may be better. Whether your goal is to keep costs low, use eco-friendly products or something else, our team can help you find the right packaging for your needs.

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How We Manufacture Prenatal Vitamin Supplements

The process for extracting and preparing individual types of vitamins and minerals in the supplement vary. However, we make sure that they are sourced and processed properly. As a turnkey manufacturer, we handle the complex parts of the process and let you handle the creative aspects.

Step 1: You Design Your Prenatal Vitamin Supplement

You can choose the list of ingredients that you want. Our team can help you if you need guidance on this. We verify your choices for flavoring, coloring and anything else. After that, we verify your delivery form and packaging choices. If you want special manufacturing certifications, such as TGA, Kosher, Certified Organic or another, we offer several respected certifications. You choose your label design during this initial phase as well.

Step 2: We Create Your Prenatal Vitamin Supplement

After we gather or process each of the necessary ingredients for the prenatal vitamin supplement, these are the next steps:

  • We carefully measure each ingredient.
  • We blend the ingredients, taking special care to preserve the potency of each substance.
  • Once the ingredients are evenly blended, we prepare the delivery form or its components.
  • We process the ingredients into your desired delivery form and inspect the supplements for quality.
  • If they pass inspection, we package your supplements and inspect them again.

Step 3: We Send Your Prenatal Vitamin Supplement

We ensure that your supplements meet any certification requirements that you requested. After they pass all internal inspections at a production facility, your supplements are shipped. We will let you know as soon as we ship them.

Common Concerns With Prenatal Vitamin Supplement Manufacturing

Nutraceutical companies are concerned about the quality of production standards and the capacity of manufacturers. Also, they are concerned about the manufacturer’s suppliers, the policies of the suppliers, the quality of the supplies, sourcing methods and environmental responsibility. We take these issues seriously and address them in these ways:

  • We ensure that our suppliers are responsible or sustainable.
  • With multiple production facilities, we can meet all levels of prenatal vitamin manufacturing demand.
  • The production facilities have high standards that meet or exceed FDA rules, cGMPs and other industry regulations.
  • We only work with reputable suppliers that use correct sourcing methods to produce quality ingredients.

Why Choose Us for Prenatal Vitamin Supplement Manufacturing?

These are some other benefits of choosing Superior:

  • We assign a dedicated account representative to each customer for personalized service.
  • Our customer service representatives and our policies are superior.
  • We offer access to more than 95% of available packaging types and delivery forms.
  • Since we use multiple facilities, our customers have scalable growth options.
  • The experienced production teams handle complex R&D, formulation and flavoring tasks.

We can also provide any required testing paperwork or documentation that you need with your order. Superior proudly serves every size of business, from large Fortune 500 companies to small startups. We look forward to serving you as well. Please contact us to learn more about our prenatal vitamin supplement manufacturing services.

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