Unique Custom Supplements that you can Build a Business Around

We are Experts at Creating, Custom Proprietary Blends.

Your custom supplements should be as unique as your Brand, and you need to make sure the creation of those custom formulations are in experienced hands. Superior Supplement Manufacturing has brought special formulas to life, building brands and growing companies. It doesn’t matter if it’s a simple ingredient formula, or a complex mix of ingredients, we can create it for you.

We also have a reputation of delivering on industry-best lead times to all customers, big and small. With years of experience, our knowledgeable staff of supplement manufacturers in private label will work directly with you to create the perfect supplement and be with you every step of the way.

Our Knowledgeable Account Executives work with you to Make It Happen.

Whether you already have a formulation to modify or are looking for supplement manufacturers in private label to create one we can formulate quality blends to your exact specifications. Our dedicated account executive will create your high-quality custom supplements by incorporating the latest knowledge and innovations in the industry and sourcing only the freshest and highest quality ingredients. Before he begins he will go through a ‘discovery process’ with you to understand your purpose, focus, and target customer. Using this information, we will formulate the best product to meet your needs.

Prior to you completing the custom supplements formulation process, we will recommend the best product form based on the most effective delivery system of your nutraceutical. Amongst others, we consider absorption, bioavailability, use, the safety of the product and variables, like the taste, color, product form, dosage and cost effectiveness for you and your customers.

It is All About Taste, Taste, and Taste.

A key reason your customer will choose your Brand will be because of its taste. We will make sure yours taste better than your competition. Our flavor chemist can make you flavor unique and tasty no matter which flavor you go with. If you want to push the flavoring envelope there is almost nothing we can’t do. Unlike other custom supplements companies, NONE of our flavors are off-the-shelf. With access to one of the industries largest inventory of flavoring agents and modifiers, we are able to make ALL of our flavors completely custom, just for you.

This means no one ever gets your unique flavor or taste. It all starts with our proprietary Flavoring Base Triangle; one side is the flavor, one is an acid and the other a sweetener. Once we add it to your formulation base we increase or decrease each side of the triangle, respectively, until we have the right balance between your formula base and the flavoring, giving you just the right taste. With this adjustment capability, we eliminate any potential bitter spike and give your customers a taste that they will want to come back to, time and time again.

With Us Safety and Effectiveness of Your Final Product is Paramount.

Each custom nutritional supplement will go through rigorous testing for proof of concept and ensure that your formulation meets our high manufacturing standards. We will also make sure the formula uses the right amount of nutrients for optimal performance and is able to pass all your internal quality assurance analysis. As with all of the products produced by our supplement manufacturers, private label custom supplements will be produced with industry leading edge equipment and in a cGMP compliant, FDA registered facility.

Above All Your Brand Matters To Us.

Whether you are a start-up or an established brand we have the services that will deliver your Brand to the marketplace as quickly as possible. You will benefit from our manufacturing end-to-end solutions that will assist, inspire and serve you with your entire product marketing needs. They range from helping you with a high-quality custom product line or creating custom FDA compliant labels, or an impactful retail package if needed, we can even help you with fulfillment.

You will not find better supplement manufacturers in private label products that offer complete value-add capabilities, let alone a company that is world-renowned for its customer service, expertise, and traditional values. If it’s custom supplements that you need, then think of us as the only supplement manufacturers in private label production you will ever need. We will guide you every step of the way.

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