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Unique Stock Products and Private Label Supplements Not Found Elsewhere – CBD, Pets, Gummy, Softgel, Liquids and more

Thousands of options for products, delivery methods and packaging.

  • CBD, Hemp (full spectrum, isolate)
  • Gummies (CBD, Infused not sprayed)
  • Capsules and Tablets
  • Softgels (CBD, Vegetarian and Gelatin)
  • Sport Nutrition
  • Liquids, Tinctures
  • Pet supplements
  • Salves, Balms and Roll On
  • And much more

Our Minimum Order Quantities (MOQs) are set per each delivery form and usually run high. We do this so we can provide the best quality products to our clients. We do not work with cheap, “copy cat” stock or private label products. We have high end, unique, quality private label products that can be introduced into your product portfolio with confidence.

Tell us which delivery form you need and we will let you know the MOQ for that form, Capsules, Tablets, Gummies, CBD, Pets, Sachets, Powders, Blister and Stick Packs, and more.

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High Quality Manufacturing

CBD gummies bottle


We have a complete turnkey solution, R&D through production, or if you have your own formulation we will do that as well, as long as it is certified Kosher and Allergen-Free. If you are looking for a manufacturer of high quality CBD Gummies, the you should partner with us.

  • State-of-the-art facility: Built to pharmaceutical specifications, meeting stringent cGMP guidelines and requirements ensuring potency and purity.Purity: Created from Hemp Oil Isolate 99.6% pure and maintaining less than 0.3 THC.
  • Potency: We can provide CBD Isolate dummies at whatever potency you are looking to sell, the most popular are 10mg and 25mg.
  • Third Party Tested: All of our tummies are third-party tested for product safety and accurate concentration levels of cannabinoids.
  • Multiple CBD Options: Specialty trademarked, full spectrum, isolate, customer supplied (upon approval).
  • We have an unlimited range of flavors, currently the most popular are:
    • Blue Raspberry
    • Orange Creamsicle
    • Cotton Candy
    • Strawberry
    cbd gummies
  • We have a range of stock mold shapes and sizes, 4gm cubes, 3 and 6gm drops, and 6gm orange slices.


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Superior Pets

High-Quality Private Label Pet Supplements for Our Best Friends.

Health and Nutrition tailored for the Canine no matter what you’re looking for; a custom or stock supplement product.

  • Multi-vitamins
  • Digestive
  • Joint Support
  • Skin & Coat
  • Weight Management
  • Calming & Behavior
  • Allergy & Immune Support
  • Fresh Breath

If you have your own unique formulas we are the specialists. All of our ingredients go through a strict quality compliance process, adhering to freshness, purity and potency standards.

Whether you’re looking to start you’re own line of dietary supplements or seeking to expand your current nutritional supplement line, we can assist you to introduce unique, high-quality private label products.

Lead times for all stock and private label products vary by delivery form, packaging needs and other variables. Please

All stock and private label products are manufactured in FDA compliant and GMP cetified by a 3rd party organization of NSF, NPA or SQF and more.

Please contact us or call to receive a quote about specific private label nutritional supplements contained below.


Product NameDelivery FormProduct Count | Number of ServingsBottle Size
5-HTP 100 MGCapsule60 ct | 60 Servings150cc
ALPHA LIPOIC ACID 600 MGCapsule60 ct | 60 Servings200cc
AMINO ACID COMPLEX 1,500 MGTablet60 ct | 60 Servings300cc
ASTAXANTHIN 10 MGSoftgel60 ct | 60 Servings175cc
B-50 COMPLEXCapsule60 ct | 60 Servings175cc
BEE PROPOLIS 500 MGCapsule60 ct | 60 Servings175cc
BILBERRY 375 MGCapsule60 ct | 60 Servings150cc
BIOTIN 5,000 MCGCapsule60 ct | 60 Servings175cc
BORAGE OIL 1,000 MG (STD. 240 MG GLA) (NON-GMO)Softgel60 ct | 60 Servings200cc
C 500 MGTablet60 ct | 60 Servings150cc
C 500 MG & ROSE HIPS (TIME RELEASE)Tablet60 ct | 60 Servings150cc
CALCIUM 600 MG + VIT DTablet60 ct | 60 Servings200cc
CHIA SEED OILSoftgel60 ct | 60 Servings200cc
CLA SAFFLOWER OIL 1,000 MG (NON-GMO)Softgel60 ct | 60 Servings200cc
COQ10 100 MGSoftgel60 ct | 60 Servings150cc
COQ10 200 MGSoftgel60 ct | 60 Servings200cc
ECHINACEA & GOLDEN SEAL ROOTCapsule60 ct | 60 Servings200cc
EVENING PRIMROSE OIL 500 MG (STD. 9% GLA)Softgel60 ct | 60 Servings175cc
FISH OIL 1,000 MG (STD. 300 MG OMEGA-3)Softgel60 ct | 60 Servings200cc
FLAXSEED OIL 1,000 MG (ORGANIC)Softgel60 ct | 60 Servings200cc
GARCINIA 500 MG (STD 55% HCA) + CHROMIUMSoftgel60 ct | 60 Servings200cc
GINGER ROOT 550 MGCapsule60 ct | 60 Servings175cc
GLUCOSAMINE / CHONDROITIN / MSMTablet60 ct | 60 Servings300cc
GREEN TEA EXTRACT 500 MG (STD. POLY / CATECHIN / EGCG / CAFF)Capsule60 ct | 60 Servings175cc
IRON 28 MG (GLUCONATE)Tablet60 ct | 60 Servings150cc
KRILL OIL 1,000 MGSoftgel60 ct | 60 Servings200cc
KRILL OIL 500 MGSoftgel60 ct | 60 Servings175cc
L-ARGININE 500 MGCapsule60 ct | 60 Servings175cc
MAGNESIUM 133.34 MGSoftgel60 ct | 60 Servings200cc
MAGNESIUM OXIDE 250 MGTablet60 ct | 60 Servings200cc
MAGNESIUM OXIDE 500 MGTablet60 ct | 60 Servings300cc
MELATONIN 3 MGTablet60 ct | 60 Servings150cc
MELATONIN 5 MGTablet60 ct | 60 Servings175cc
MILK THISTLE 175 MG (STD. SILYMARIN)Capsule60 ct | 60 Servings175cc
MULTI WHOLE FOODSTablet60 ct | 60 Servings300cc
MULTI-VIT/MIN (A TO Z)Tablet60 ct | 60 Servings200cc
MULTI-VIT/MIN FOR WOMENTablet60 ct | 60 Servings300cc
MULTI-VIT/MIN FOR WOMEN (TIME RELEASE)Tablet60 ct | 60 Servings300cc
OMEGA 3-6-9 1,200 MG (FLAX/FISH/BORAGE)Softgel60 ct | 60 Servings400cc
PHOSPHATIDYL SERINE 100 MGSoftgel60 ct | 60 Servings175cc
PRENATAL MULTI-VITAMINTablet60 ct | 60 Servings200cc
SKIN/HAIR/NAILS (BIOTIN 200 MCG)Tablet60 ct | 60 Servings300cc
SKIN/HAIR/NAILS (BIOTIN 3,000 MCG)Tablet60 ct | 60 Servings200cc
ST. JOHN’S WORT 300 MG (STD. 0.3% HYPERICIN)Capsule60 ct | 60 Servings150cc
TURMERIC (STD. 95% CURCUMINOIDS)Capsule60 ct | 60 Servings175cc
UBIQUINOL 50 MG (Kaneka QH™)Softgel60 ct | 60 Servings175cc
VALERIAN ROOT 450 MGCapsule60 ct | 60 Servings200cc
VIT D3 10,000 IUSoftgel60 ct | 60 Servings150cc
VIT D3 5,000 IUSoftgel60 ct | 60 Servings150cc
VITAMIN E 1000 IU NAT D ALPHASoftgel60 ct | 60 Servings200cc
ZINC 25 MG (GLUCONATE)Tablet60 ct | 60 Servings150cc