Four ways to fight signs of skin aging to retain that healthy glow

When we talk about skin, there is absolutely no denying that youthful and dewy skin is everyone’s dream. Having said that, we, in addition to this, also can’t deny the fact that it is one tough job to maintain that radiance and glow.

In order to retain that glow as you age that you have been flaunting in your 20s, it is important that you incorporate an effective skincare routine coupled with some supplementation. Not only this, but you must and should follow it religiously to be able to live the results.

Consistency is the key here as our skin is the most delicate organ of our body and sheds dead cells at a rapid pace. If you are not doing anything to replace that, your skin may end up reflecting that in the form of dull, unhealthy-looking skin; which, in turn, will excessively highlight those nasty wrinkles you have been dying to avoid.

Since we are on the topic, let’s delve deeper into the signs that might be hindering your glowy skin prospects. There could be a possibility that what you have been taking it as a minor thing, might be the biggest obstacle. Hence, we hope the following points give you a perspective and you are able to crack what it is that is troubling your skin.

Here is your guide to preventing fine lines, loss of volume, loss of elasticity, dryness, dullness and a lot more!

Are you exfoliating?

We often hear men and women alike that they strictly follow the ritual of washing their face twice a day. Well, yes that’s great. In fact, even better, but this alone cannot give you that fresh and glowy skin. You need to up your skincare regime game and include exfoliation as part of your routine.

To put things in perspective, when you do not exfoliate, the skin ends up being all flaky. This is because the skin dries up which is the most common cause of dull skin. With dry and flaky skin, even your makeup cannot sit well and all it will give you is a cakey look.

Exfoliation helps you in keeping such makeup faux pas at bay!

Additionally, your skincare products won’t penetrate and work at all. So, this is why it is highly recommended to exfoliate so that you have fresh canvas every time you do your skincare routine or glam up for your next weekend. Be gentle when you exfoliate and remember that a little goes a long way. Keep in mind, the goal is to scrape off the dead cells, not harm the skin.

The retinoids

As you age, the skins begin losing out its elasticity and collagen. Speaking of collagen, it is that protein with the sole responsibility of keeping the skin tight, smooth and lifted. With its decrement, your skin is likely to lose its firmness. Subsequently, your skin begins to both sag and crease.
Considering this dilemma, experts have come up with a solution in the form of retinoids. In case you are wondering what retinoids are, then they happen to be a chemical compound, often regarded as a vitamer of Vitamin-A. They are recommended to individuals as and when they hit 25 years of age and thereon. In addition to this, a retinoid should be used with great caution. It is advised to start off by applying two to three times a week and gradually increase the dose as the skin begins getting used to it.

It is pertinent to mention that retinoid should and must not be used in combination with benzoyl peroxide; a medicine that is used in the treatment of acne. It is recommended to do so as it happens to make retinoid less effective by oxidizing it.

Have you been moisturizing?

If you have been witnessing dull skin lately or if it has been the case for a while, chances are that your skin is screaming for some moisture which you might have been denying unintentionally all this long. Personal life coupled with environmental factors can break havoc onto your skin, eventually causing it to develop cracks. Therefore, to lock in those cracks, using a moisturizer on a regular basis is essential.

To put it exactly, a moisturizer helps in filling the fissures and locks in lipids; a natural fat which gives the skin its smooth and glass-like surface.

It is always a wise idea to invest in a good moisturizer for fruitful results. Speaking of this, it is advised to include a moisturizer packed with ceramides. It helps in water retention, thereby locking in luminosity into your skin. Other than this, look for hyaluronic acid when you head out to purchase your moisturizer as it keeps the skin cells plumped by ensuring that water reaches the skin tissues surrounding them.

Moreover, a moisturizer is to be applied in an upward motion. This helps boost blood circulation and, thereby bringing in oxygen to the skin’s surface.

Consider supplementation

Well, yes that’s true that supplements can really breathe magic into your skin. Omega-3s, categorically, works wonder as it readily restores dewiness in aging skin. This can be found in fish and helps in retaining moisture as well as delays the maturing of the skin.

Having said that, not everyone likes to consume fish and is perfectly understandable. The alternative could be fish oil or flaxseed oil supplements which serve the same purpose. They have anti-inflammatory properties. So, people with acne need not worry at all!

You are going to feel the difference yourself in the appearance of your skin since it restores the skin’s lipids and oils; all of which are key ingredients to soft and supple skin.

However, make sure that you have consulted a doctor prior to incorporating these in your daily routine. People with a medical history of high blood pressure or fish allergies might want to reconsider including them in their routine.


Even if you have already started witnessing premature skin aging, the above tips can prove to be beneficial. A little lifestyle change can prevent things from getting worse and you can still reap the chances of healthy, glowing skin. After all, it is better to be late than never! Other than this, what you put inside your body matters as well. Form a habit of a healthy diet; includes lots of greens and fresh fruit juices so that your body can detox and get rid of all the toxins. Furthermore, whatever keeps you up at night is probably causing big-time damage to your skin. So, never ever ignore a good, 8-hour beauty sleep, folks!