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As more people discover the benefits of boosting or maintaining healthy gut flora, probiotics are becoming increasingly popular. If you are thinking of creating your own probiotic supplement and lack the manufacturing capabilities, we can handle the many complexities of the process for you. Probiotic supplements are also good additions to expand your product line.

probioitic supplement manufacturing

Choosing Your Probiotic Ingredients

There are many different forms of probiotics on the market. Some have only one or two strains of live microorganisms. Others may have 10 or more. These are some examples of ingredients that are in many probiotic supplements:

  • L. acidophilus
  • L. rhamnosus
  • L. bulgaricus
  • L. reuteri
  • B. lactis
  • B. breve

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We can provide you with access to many other beneficial ingredients to create a powerful probiotic supplement. The combination of ingredients and dose depend on who you want to target. For example, someone with a chronic bowel condition may be instructed by a gastroenterologist to take a 50 billion CFU comprehensive probiotic supplement. However, someone who simply wants to maintain gut health may take 10 billion CFU daily of a supplement with fewer strains.

How We Create Probiotic Supplements

Once you decide to work with us for your private label supplements, design, label and package your probiotics, there are several steps that happen. This is what you can expect during the process.

Step 1: You Create the Ideas

You decide how you want your labels and packaging to look. If you need help with the labels, we can advise you about important wording to include on the probiotic containers. Also, you decide on the ingredients and amounts of ingredients that you want in each supplement. You choose the delivery form as well. People often choose these forms for probiotics:

  • Liquids or drinks
  • Capsules
  • Tablets
  • Gummies

If the total dose for the ingredients that you choose will not fit into one tablet or capsule, you may need to add instructions on the label to take two supplements to get the intended dose. Once we verify the packaging and ingredients with you, we can start the manufacturing phase.

Step 2: We Make the Probiotics

During this phase, these are the main steps that take place:

  • Ingredient measuring and verification.
  • Capsule, tablet or other delivery form preparation.
  • Processing or filling.
  • Finishing or sealing processes.
  • Inspection and testing.
  • Packaging and labeling.

The exact process for creation depends on the delivery form that you choose. For example, there are slightly different processes for making tablets and capsules. There are also separate processes for creating refrigerated probiotics, and special care must be taken to preserve the live microorganisms.

We advise you about all additional ingredients that need to be added to supplements. Since many people who purchase probiotics often have food sensitivities or gut discomfort, we realize that you may request specific ingredient restrictions. Many people request supplements that do not contain gluten, soy, sugar, wheat or other trace substances for probiotic users. We will be happy to discuss these issues with you.

Once the probiotics are made, they are inspected for visible issues. They also go through rigorous testing to ensure top quality. If you want your probiotics manufactured under special certifications, such as TGA or Kosher, we can accommodate your requests. We offer access to many respected manufacturing certification choices. Once we are satisfied that your probiotics are top-quality supplements, we package them. If you choose containers and outer packaging, we can handle both tasks. For example, some people have their probiotics put into plastic bottles and then boxed.

Step 3: You Receive Your Probiotics

We carefully package your shipment and send it through a reputable carrier. If you have a probiotic that requires refrigeration, we are careful to ship it to you in a way that it maintains the right temperature. Also, we offer tracking information.

Popular Types of Probiotic Packaging

How you package the probiotic depends on the type that you choose. For example, you may choose a different style and material for a probiotic drink than you would for capsule manufacturing. These are some common packaging choices:

  • Glass jars
  • Glass bottles
  • Plastic bottles
  • Blister packs
  • Squeeze packs

Concerns With Probiotic Manufacturing

One common concern that is specific to probiotics is preservation of live microorganism strains. Rest assured that we only provide you with manufacturing teams that understand the complexities of those microorganisms and know how to preserve as many of them as possible during the manufacturing process. This is essential for accuracy in your dosing claims, and we understand how important that is to your customers. These are some other concerns that people often share:

  • Material and ingredient origin and quality.
  • Capacity of manufacturing facilities.
  • Testing and compliance measures.

With one of the largest supply chains in the supplement industry, we have access to ingredients throughout the United States. If you prefer organic ingredients, we can source substances that meet respected organic certification rules. Our company only works with reputable suppliers.

The large-scale capacity of our facilities ensures that we can meet probiotic order requirements of all scales. For testing and compliance, we assure our customers that their orders go through in-house testing and meet all compliance measures for applicable regulatory bodies.

Why Work With Us for Your Probiotic Supplements?

In addition to our conscientious manufacturing teams, these are some of the top benefits of working with our company for your probiotic supplement manufacturing needs:

  • With our ability to offer 95% of available delivery forms and packaging options, you have plenty of variety to meet your formulation and design needs.
  • We can take on complex or simple tasks for research and development, formulation, certification and flavoring.
  • Since customer service is most important to us, you will work with a dedicated account representative.
  • You have access to our support team when you need help.
  • Since our capacity is so large, we can handle your needs now and as your brand grows.

Our company proudly serves businesses of all need ranges and sizes, including Fortune 500 companies. If you want paperwork for our testing procedures, safety information or other important data, we can provide it with your shipment. Please contact us to learn more about our probiotic manufacturing services.

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