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People consume CoQ10 because of its multiple potential benefits. Nutraceutical sellers usually add this ingredient to their line of individual products, and some create complex supplements that include it and other ingredients for targeted benefits. If you are planning to create a simple or complex CoQ10 supplement, we can help. Since Superior has access to multiple sizable production facilities across the United States, we can also help you if you need to find a company that offers a larger scale of private label vitamin manufacturer services.



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Choosing Your CoQ10 Supplement Ingredients

If you want to add other ingredients to your CoQ10 supplement, we can source nearly any type of nutrient. These are some examples of substances that some supplement sellers combine with CoQ10:

  • L-carnitine
  • Resveratrol
  • Omega-3 fatty acids
  • Vitamin D3
  • Zinc
  • Vitamin C
  • Echinacea

Our team can consult with you on ingredients for your desired combination. We can source organic, Kosher and many other types of special ingredients if you want them.

Choosing Your CoQ10 Supplement Delivery Form

Your target market is an important factor in choosing a delivery form. For example, if you are creating a supplement for elderly people, large capsules may not be ideal. The dose may also determine which options are better for your needs. Our teams can consult with you if you need help. These are some common delivery forms for CoQ10 supplements:

  • Regular, chewable or effervescent tablets
  • Capsules
  • Gummies
  • Drinks
  • Loose powder
  • Softgels

If you want to create a powder, drink or chewable supplement, flavoring is an important consideration. We have natural and artificial flavors and sweeteners. We can also source artificial or natural colors.

Choosing Your CoQ10 Supplement Packaging

Once you know the type of delivery form you plan to use, you can choose a packaging option. These are some examples of common choices:

  • Blister packs
  • Glass jars or bottles
  • Plastic jars or bottles
  • Pouches or individual packets
  • Resealable bags

Our team can help you find the right packaging for your needs, whether your priority is using an eco-friendly option or choosing the most cost-effective configuration. We can source recycled, recyclable and most other types of packaging.

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How We Manufacture CoQ10 Supplements

There are several methods for producing CoQ10. It may be created through microbial fermentation, chemical synthesis or plant and animal tissue extraction. Production teams or suppliers handle the complexities of ingredient creation and preservation. We handle all the rest of the difficult tasks and leave the creativity to you. These are the three main steps in the process.

Step 1: You Design Your CoQ10 Supplement

Since we take quality seriously, we offer several respected manufacturing certification options. If you want your supplement manufactured to comply with Kosher, TGA, Halal or other major standards, the facilities we work with can help. We verify your preferences for ingredients, dosing, delivery form and packaging. You can choose and design the label that you want us to use.

Step 2: We Create Your CoQ10 Supplement

After the CoQ10 and any other ingredients you choose are prepared, these are the steps we take:

  • We measure your ingredients carefully.
  • We blend the ingredients carefully to preserve potency and ensure even distribution.
  • We prepare the delivery form or the components of it.
  • We process the supplement ingredients to create your chosen delivery form.
  • We inspect the products for quality and potency.
  • We package the supplements and inspect them again.

Step 3: We Send Your CoQ10 Supplement

Once the supplements pass facility inspections, they are ready to be packed and shipped. The teams ensure that any supplements manufactured under special certification rules are fully compliant before they ship them. We notify you when your order leaves a facility.

Common CoQ10 Supplement Manufacturing Concerns

Today, supplier issues are common concerns of nutraceutical sellers. In addition to being concerned about the quality and capacity of manufacturers, they are concerned about the quality, responsibility and practices of the suppliers that manufacturers work with. Since your success is vital to ours, we take these concerns seriously as well. These are some steps we take to address those issues:

  • We are careful to choose reliable suppliers with quality methods and ingredients.
  • We make sure that ingredients are sourced responsibly or sustainably.
  • Since we work with multiple facilities, our production capacity is extensive.
  • The production teams and facilities have strict quality standards that meet or exceed FDA rules, cGMPs and other regulations.

Why Choose Us for CoQ10 Supplement Manufacturing?

These are some of the benefits of working with Superior:

  • Our customer service representatives and policies are excellent.
  • You have a dedicated account representative to guide you through the process with personalized service.
  • With access to multiple facilities, you have scalability for future demand growth.
  • We offer more than 95% of the market’s available delivery forms and packaging types.
  • The production teams handle the complexities of formulation, flavoring, R&D and more.

Production facilities can provide you with any testing paperwork or other documentation that you need. Superior has helped all sizes of companies, from large Fortune 500 enterprises to tiny startups. Our team looks forward to helping you bring your CoQ10 supplement to market efficiently. Please contact us to learn more about our CoQ10 supplement manufacturing services.

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