#1 Fish Oil Supplement Manufacturer Private Label

If you are looking for a turnkey fish oil supplement manufacturer to produce your existing fish oil supplements or develop a new one for you to add to your product line, we can help. With access to multiple and sizable production facilities across the United States, we have the capacity to meet all levels of demand.

fish oil supplement manufacturing 1Choosing Your Fish Oil Supplement Ingredients

Most companies create fish oil supplements for the omega-3 fatty acid benefits. However, there are two popular types of omega-3 fatty acids that do not naturally occur in fish. They are referred to as EPA and DHA. Both substances actually come from the algae that fish eat. Many people use EPA to help regulate blood clotting and inflammation, and others use DHA to support brain and eye health.

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There are several options for you when creating fish oil private label supplements. You may want one type or multiple types. Also, some companies choose fish oil based on specific factors, such as sustainability or bioavailability. For example, some fish oil sellers today choose wild-caught Alaskan pollock as a source for fish oil since it is a good choice for sustainability. These are a few other types of fish that companies use to make oil supplements today:

  • Mackerel
  • Hoki
  • Salmon
  • Sardine
  • Greenshell mussel
  • Calanus

There are many other options as well. With our robust supply chain, we can source a wide variety of oils from our manufacturing expertise and supply chain.

Choosing a Form of Fish Oil Supplement

Depending on the dose and other factors, one form may be better than another for you. These are the main forms that people choose for fish oil supplements:

  • Oil-filled capsules
  • Softgels
  • Liquid mixtures
  • Capules and more

If you need help choosing the right delivery form for your supplement, we can assist you. Factors of your target market are important to consider, and our teams can review these with you.

Our Fish Oil Supplement Creation Process

There are many complex steps involved in the entire process. However, we handle the complexities and guide you through each step. These are the main phases.

Step 1: You Plan Your Product

During this phase, you choose your preferred delivery form, dose and other details. You also pick a label design and packaging. For example, you may choose glass bottles if you want a liquid mixture or plastic bottles if you choose softgels. Whether you choose capsule manufacturing or softgels you can also specify if you want certain manufacturing requirements, such as Certified Organic, NSF or others. We offer a wide range of special certification options.

Step 2: We Create Your Product

Once we know your preferred dosing information and all other important details, we work on making your supplement. These are the basic steps in the fish oil supplement creation process:

  • Fish heating separates the oil from the fish.
  • Wet pressing extracts liquids and isolates the oils.
  • Refinement helps purify the isolated oils for encapsulation or containment.
  • Measuring the ingredients carefully ensures accurate dosing for your chosen delivery form.

Each step has several important considerations. For example, the heating process only applies to smaller fish. Some fish have impurities that lengthen processing time. To speed up liquid extraction, a centrifuge machine may be used. Our teams are aware of these considerations and many others.

Step 3: We Complete Your Order

Once your supplement is put into the correct delivery form, it is tested and inspected. After it passes inspections for any certifications and in-facility quality requirements, it is packaged in the containers or boxes that you chose. Next, your order is shipped.

Common Fish Oil Supplement Manufacturing Concerns

Fish oil potency, quality and purity are the top concerns that most companies express to us in relation to sourcing. Supplement companies are rightly concerned about accuracy in dosing. Also, supplier factors and the ability to meet increased demand are important considerations for supplement sellers today. Rest assured that we take these concerns seriously and address them in the following ways:

  • We research the suppliers in our chain to ensure quality sources.
  • We have rigorous testing and inspection standards.
  • We work with many facilities that have large spaces and knowledgeable production teams.

Why Choose Us for Fish Oil Supplement Manufacturing Services?

In addition to the benefits outlined previously, we offer the following advantages:

  • We can provide over 95% of packaging types and delivery forms that are on the market today.
  • Our teams can handle complex research and development tasks, formulation, flavoring and certification.
  • Like our name, our customer service policies and representatives are superior.
  • We have dedicated account representatives to ensure your experience with us is excellent.
  • Because we work with multiple facilities, we offer scalability as demand for your products grows in the future.

We are happy to provide any safety, testing or other paperwork that you require. Superior serves all sizes of businesses, including Fortune 500 companies, startups and more. Please contact us to learn more about our fish oil supplement manufacturing services.

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