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By definition, ginseng is the root of plants in the genus Panax. There are several types of this herb, among which the most popular ones are Asian ginseng and American ginseng.

Ginseng has several health benefits, including reducing inflammation, improving brain function, and boosting the immune system.

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1. Reducing Inflammation

Ginseng has powerful anti-inflammatory properties and strong antioxidant content.

Multiple test-tube studies conclude that ginsenoside compounds and ginseng extracts reduce inflammation while increasing antioxidant capacity in cells.

According to one of those studies, Korean red ginseng helps your body reduce inflammation and improve antioxidant activity in skin cells of people with eczema.

Furthermore, another study testing the results of 18 male athletes taking 2 grams of red ginseng extract 3 time per day for one week concludes the following:

Those who were given a placebo instead of red ginseng extract experienced a lot more inflammation in multiple areas of their bodies.

Lastly, another study conducted on 71 postmenopausal women, who were given either 3 grams of red ginseng or a placebo, concludes the following:

Participants who were given red ginseng extract had less oxidative stress.

2. Improves Brain Function

Ginseng improves brain function, including mood, memory, and behavior.

Recent test-tube studies found out that components in ginseng, including compound K and ginsenosides, might protect the brain against damage caused by free radicals.

According to this study conducted on 30 participants, those who ingested 200 milligrams of Panax ginseng daily for one month experienced significant improvements in:

  • Mood
  • Mental health
  • Social functioning

However, these benefits stopped being effective after only eight weeks. This means that ginseng’s effects might decrease with extended use.

Furthermore, another study compared the effects of 200 mg and 400 mg doses of Panax ginseng on mental performance and fatigue.

It concluded the following:

Taking 200 milligrams of Panax ginseng is much more effective at improving mental performance and fatigue, compared to taking a larger dose of 400 milligrams.

3. Boosts Immunity

Ginseng boosts immunity, especially in cancer patients receiving chemotherapy.

According to one study on people recovering from surgery for stomach cancer, taking 5,400 mg of ginseng daily for 2 years significantly improved their immune function.

Furthermore, multiple other studies on several types of cancer patients conclude similar results: consuming ginseng extract daily reduces cancer symptoms by boosting immunity.


Health Issues Associated With Ginseng Deficiency

People who don’t consume ginseng regularly have an increased risk of facing several health issues, including:

  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Acute inflammation

If you want to reduce your risk of suffering from the health problems mentioned above, you should add a ginseng supplement to your diet.


Daily Recommended Intake

The daily recommended intake of ginseng depends heavily on the condition the user is trying to treat. According to current research:

  • For Alzheimer’s disease: 4.5-9 grams of Panax ginseng should be taken daily for twelve weeks.
  • For multiple sclerosis-related fatigue: 250 milligrams of Panax ginseng should be consumed twice daily for three months.
  • For erectile dysfunction: 1,400-2,700 milligrams of Panax ginseng divided into two or three doses should be taken daily for twelve weeks.


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