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CVS Pharmacy, Rite Aid, Walgreens, Walmart, The Vitamin Shoppe, GNC, Amazon, Lucky Vitamin
CVS Pharmacy, Rite Aid, Walgreens, Walmart, The Vitamin Shoppe, GINC, Amazon, Lucky Vitamin
Superior Supplement Manufacturing Praise from Clients
Superior Supplement Manufacturing Praise from Clients


Services Superior Supplement Manufacturing
  • R&D
  • Custom Samples
  • CBD Manufacturing
  • Formulation
  • Flavoring Systems R&D
  • Package and Label Design
  • Warehousing and Fulfillment
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Packaging and More

Packaging Superior Supplement Manufacturing
  • Bottles, Jars, Packers
  • Stick Packs
  • Sachets
  • Blister Packs
  • Bags
  • Pouches
  • Folding Cartons and more…
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Why do so many $1-$500M+ supplement brands choose us for all their private label supplement manufacturing needs?


Has been in your shoes as a supply chain manager for major brands.
We’ve faced the same fragmented supply chain and production issues you encounter daily.

Haggling with suppliers

Are you forced to haggle with numerous different suppliers at once…people more interested in taking orders than solving problems?

Logistical Nightmares

Are you unable to expand product lines, packaging formats and distribution channels without incurring major hassles and logistical nightmares?

Finally we said “enough” and created Superior Supplement Manufacturing bringing together our extensive supply chain expertise and manufacturing footprint to serve you.

Superior Supplement Manufacturing was created

Keep reading to see what makes us more agile, more efficient, faster to market and better problem solvers than any private label manufacturer you’ve ever worked with.

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Superior Supplement Manufacturing Superior Services
  • One ultra-dependable source for all your supply chain, manufacturing & product development needs.
  • Access over 20 facilities across the USA. One of the largest footprints of private lebel vitamin manufacturing facilities in the USA.
  • Access to all major delivery forms, including capsules, tablets, softgels, gummies, liquids, lotions, creams, and more.
  • Customer service without rival. Offering expert guidance, resolving issues, streamlining processes, and leveraging our massive manufacturing footprint.
  • Formulations, R&D, sourcing, packaging, label design, printing, and other key services.
  • All packaging formats such as bottles, jars, droppers, stick packs, sachets, pouches, blisters and more.
  • Certifications, including NSF, NSF Sport, TGA, USDA Organic, Health Canada, OTC, SQF, Kosher and more.

All under one roof.
Read on or contact us now to learn more.


Working with Superior Manufacturing means getting people who’ve mastered private label contract manufacturing and are driven to meet your needs.

Superior’s experts are right on top of the latest product trends, materials sourcing, supply chain capabilities, production techniques, packaging formats, and distribution logistics.

That allows you to bring new products to market, or scale existing ones, faster, easier and more efficiently than you thought possible.

Working with Superior Supplement Manufacturing

Superior Manufacturing means never having to sacrifice quality, quantity or the variety you seek.

Tell us what you want. Our resources are vast. Our capabilities wide-ranging.

Superior Quality
  • We do research and development. Formulations. Flavorings. Packaging configurations. And we have a myriad of certifications we can assist you with.
  • Whether it’s securing raw ingredients, navigating the supply chain complexities for you, we can oversee all phases of manufacturing from conception to retail shelf.
  • We ensure your products meet the highest standards for purity, strength and composition.

The result is unparalleled solutions and options at your fingertips.

Even more ways Superior is,
well, superior to other private label supplement manufacturers:

Superior Services

Breadth of Services

With one of the largest supply chain footprints in the industry we offer a breadth of services that is unrivaled. Whether you need complete turnkey manufacturing from idea to fulfillment or simple bulk tolling or blending we can assist you with all of your manufacturing needs. There is no delivery or packaging system we can’t assist you with and we bring a myriad of options to serve your most complex needs and situation.

Superior Turn-Key Management

Turn-Key Management

We manage the supply chains of some of the largest supplement brands in the industry. They come to us because of our ability to manage complex projects from conception to fulfillment. Because of our large manufacturing footprint we can bring solutions and options that most supplement manufacturers simply can’t or won’t.

Superior Follow Up


We’re not a one-and-done company. Our customer care never ends. Relationships endure. Our hands-on approach, integrity and doing what’s right for you are our first priorities. Try us!

Why Use SSMFG For Supplement Manufacturing?

As a leading supplement manufacturer, we can assist you in developing and producing a nutritional or dietary supplement to sell to your consumers. Every product follows a defined procedure that includes thorough inspections and testing methods to assure that each product meets or exceeds pre-determined quality criteria.

We are dedicated to your long-term success from the moment you contact us. We make sure that your product formulation is competitive in the market, that your goods are securely stored and delivered rapidly, and that orders are fulfilled promptly. It’s our responsibility to do everything possible to assist you in selling the best custom supplements on the market.

Whether you’re starting up, ramping up or a Fortune 500 company, we can help. Contact us today!