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Is your brand in need of a new private label gummy manufacturer that will break the mold of your conventional product line and deliver a fun new way for individuals to take their daily supplements. Then say no more, and consider your next new line extension, a gummy product produced by the best in the business, Superior Supplement Manufacturing.

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Is your brand looking for more conventional products such as multivitamins and/or adult essentials? Perhaps OTC and/or CBD? Whatever your desire may be, Superior is ready to guide you through the private label supplements manufacturing process by delivering a high-quality, custom gummy that will be delivered on time and within budget.

Unlimited Options for Gummy Flavoring

Originally made for children, this popular delivery system is now a fan favorite for people of all ages because they are easy to consume and they have an irresistible taste. Flavor is King! Avoid the industry pitfalls when it comes to flavoring by eliminating the possibility of receiving a product that has a metallic, bitter, and/or chalky taste. We understand that your product’s flavor matters most, and our ability to create high-quality flavoring systems will leave your customers reeling for more! Looking for a range of flavors? Ask our flavor technicians to create, duplicate, or reverse engineer any number of flavors that will meet your palate’s expectations.

What Is Pectin Gummy Manufacturing?

On the surface, gummy manufacturing may look easy, but there is a much more rigorous process involved in making these delicious supplements high-quality and efficacious. Currently, there are two types of gelling agents: pectin and gelatin. If you’re looking for a vegan-based option, pectin would be it. Pectin is a plant-based, soluble gelatinous polysaccharide that has proven to be more stable than its gelatin counterpart, especially when it comes to high heat temperatures.

The next time you are looking for a top gummy vitamin manufacturer, please note that it begins with finding the perfect gelling agent for your formula. The type of gelling agent you choose will affect how your gummy looks, feels, and tastes. We at Superior can guide you through this process to ensure that your brand deserves and receives a high-quality product that delivers a result that your loyal consumers will love.

Need Vegan/Halal/Kosher options? Sugar-free? CBD, CoQ10, Omegas? Superior can make it happen!

NSF Certified, 100% Allergen Free, Oregon Tilth Certified Organic, USDA Organic, BRC Food Certificated, Gluten Free, NSF Certified for Sport, Kosher

Benefits of Gummies

Gummies provide a range of benefits by offering a high bioavailability for nutrients. Therefore, if you have the perfect formula to introduce to your loyal customers, consider gummies as your next versatile delivery system.

What makes gummies versatile:

  • Convenient dosing
  • Delicious and nutritional
  • Can be vegetarian and sugar-free
  • And so much more!
cbd gummy manufacturer
CBD gummies in lime, lemon, and strawberry

Choose the Right Package for Your Gummies

Finding the right packaging is important. Whether you’re looking for standard or custom packaging, Superior understands that the look and feel of your product are just as important as the formula that you create. Packaging contributes to the identity of your brand. It can create a more defined look, and often it can propel sales because of the distinguishable association you can create for your brand. We at Superior recognize that packaging is more than just having something that holds your product. It’s about effectively getting your consumer to turn their heads, recognize, and purchase your product.

Although our products have various packaging options, gummies tend to be packaged in either bottles and/or jars. Despite that notion, we at Superior also can further customize your packaging so that we can meet any of your needs. Our range includes a variety of bottle shapes and packaging variations.

Our range includes:

  • PET and HDPE Bottles
  • Plastic and Glass
  • Jars, Oblongs, Packers
  • Blister Packs
  • Stick Packs
  • Sachets
  • Cartons
  • Folding displays and boxes
  • And more options to choose from…

Label Design and Packaging For Your Gummy Supplement

After designing the perfect formula, find yourself creating the perfect label. When marketing your product, your brand needs a label that will complement your brand’s message. Keeping this at the forefront of your brand’s message will showcase how incredible your product is. Therefore, no matter what your brand’s message requires, work with Superior to help design, format, protect and regulate your brand’s intellectual property. With thousands of designs under our belt, we’ve worked with small and world-renowned brands to create head-turning labels in a highly-competitive market that will ultimately yield brand-differentiating elements.

gummy manufacturer wedges, drops, custom molds
Gummy shapes are available in drops, wedges, slices, custom, and more

The Superior Difference: What Makes Us Unique

We design your gummies with your whole business in mind. With Superior, you’ll get top-of-the-line, state-of-the-art, private label gummy manufacturing and a trusted supplement manufacturing team who knows the industry and understands how to deliver the best product for your dollar.

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Get the highest quality, turnkey gummies ready for the ever-evolving market. Our Contract Manufacturing Team will ensure that your formulations always meet industry requirements when you choose Superior. We always provide:

  • Raw Material Identification
  • MSDS’s
  • Certificate of Analysis
  • NSF, GMP compliant facilities
  • Premium ingredients

SUPERIOR CUSTOMER SERVICE: Poor communication plagues the supplement manufacturing industry. We prioritize transparency with each of our customers. As the cornerstone of our business, we’ll be there for you to answer all inquiries and put your mind at ease before, during, and after the manufacturing of your unique product is complete.

SUPERIOR ACCOUNT EXECUTIVES: We don’t just answer your questions. We pair you with your Account Executive based on your specific needs. Your Account Executive will be waiting to treat your product with high-touch, white-glove service no matter the order size.

SUPERIOR TURNKEY MANUFACTURING: As one of the country’s largest supply chain manufacturing networks, we’re your one-stop-shop for all your supplement manufacturing needs. R&D, formulation, flavoring, and certification requirements.

SUPERIOR RESOURCES: Our vast network of resources means we can turn your dream of a custom formulation into a reality. Tight budgets, quick turnarounds, and sorting through supply chain nightmares, we have the resources needed to deliver on your demands.

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If you’re in the market for gummy vitamins and supplements manufacturing but still have questions about the process and what to expect, you’ll find your answers below. Here are our FAQs about the gummy Manufacturing Process:

Frequently Asked Questions
About Gummy Manufacturing

Depending on the formula and manufacturing processes, the MOQs for gummies can range from 600,000 to 3,000,000 pieces.
As gummies taste better than other delivery forms, they are most likely to be taken by consumers.

The biggest disadvantage to gummies as a delivery form is that you can fit very few active raw materials into each gummy. This leads gummies to not be the best choice for many types of formulations.

Additionally, gummies typically contain sugar, they are more expensive than other delivery forms for the amount of raw material that can fit into them, and R&D costs tend to be higher than other delivery forms.

The amount of active materials mainly depends on the desired potency and flavor of the final product. For instance, some very effective herbal ingredients have a terrible taste allowing only a very small amount to be used in each gummy.

If your product requires a large amount of raw material, it is likely better to choose tablets, capsules, or powder as your delivery form. Ask to speak with one of our Account Executives today about the best delivery form for your formula.

Generally it is 50-150 mg per gummy, depending on the raw material.
There are primarily two choices of base for gummy supplements: pectin, a plant-based material, or gelatin, an animal-based compound derived from collagen. We mainly manufacture pectin-based gummies, however, there is some flexibility.
We can formulate fully customized gummies, including the bases.
Yes, we can. Generall, the spore versions of probiotics work the best as they are the most heat resistant.
Pectin-based gummies have a much higher melting point which allows them to be accepted by Amazon year-round. On the other hand, gelatin-based gummies may not hold up very well in hotter climates.
Yes, however, it is more difficult and MOQs tend to be much higher.
We can manufacture an unlimited combination of flavors and we offer formulation assistance. The most popular gummy flavors include strawberry, blueberry, and apple. We can also create other flavors, such as mixed berry, cherry, orange, passionfruit, lychee, pear, and many more.
Yes, we do offer natural flavoring systems.
Foul-smelling ingredients will most likely affect the taste and are therefore not recommended to use in gummies.
We are able to manufacture a variety of different colors.
Yes, we offer a few stock formulas that are made-to-order to ensure freshness.
Yes, we specialize in custom gummy formulations. Ask to speak with one of our Account Executives today.
We do not recommend using foul-smelling and/or tasting ingredients, or ingredients that would require a large amount of raw materials.
We can create a variety of gummy shapes, such as bears, gumdrops, and squares. We can also create custom gummy molds.
No, gummies require excipients to be manufactured properly. For example, a 3 g gummy may only have 50 mg of vitamin C, therefore, the majority of the other materials in the gummy will be excipients (such as pectin).
The cost for R&D ranges depending upon the product and ingredients, as some ingredients may require higher MOQs.
We can produce 100s of millions of gummies per year. A gummy sample generally consists of 50-100 gummies.
We have 2-4 gummy lines per facility.
The drying process removes excess water content which ensures no microbial activity.
We can provide the following certifications for gummy manufacturing: Organic, kosher, and others. Please contact our account executives for more information.
We do not perform stability testing as a standard on all productions. However, we do have a list of labs that we can outsource stability testing to if requested.
We can, however, this may depend on the raw material in the product. Some ingredients have to be qualified by input.
We can provide documentation, including a letter certifying the melting point.
Yes, as long the customer provides the proper documentation and the raw materials go through the proper testing processes.
We can offer packaging such as bottles, pouches, sachets, and jars.
A typical bottle size for a 60-count gummy product is 225-250 cc.
We do not offer custom label design in-house, however, we have a few designers we work with that we can introduce you to.

Get the Custom Gummies You Need Today!

You’ve worked hard to create a custom formulation you know will fit your market. Don’t let your hard work and effort go to waste. Trust in a supplement manufacturer who will be your guide from the moment you receive your estimate until the product arrives at your door.

With Superior Manufacturing, you’ll never be in the dark. We’ll work with you to create the custom product you need. Start or continue your journey with Superior as your gummy manufacturer and give us a call today!

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We just completed a very large Homeopathic tablet order that required involvement from 4 different facilities. There was nobody else in the country that was willing to help us that we called until we found superior. First shipment came last week and we couldn’t be happier or more impressed with the team. Thank you Justine, Phil, Stephenie you are the best!

I was choosing between two companies to create a formulation, and it came down to their level of service, expertise and confidence in their ability to execute. After speaking to Phil, their lead guy who knows all things supplements and is very easy to communicate with, was enthusiastic and helped to create a strategy to see my vision through. The last thing you want is a transactional relationship in this industry, so whether you’re a first timer or a veteran, these guys know how to add value no matter what level you’re at. Highly recommend Superior and their team to get the job done.
When they say “Superior” they aren’t kidding. Of over 100 companies on our NSF list that we called, and over 20 that we talked to, Superior was the ONLY one that consistently answered their phones, worked incredibly diligently to problem solve and R&D an incredibly complex patented proprietary product, and consistently was two or three steps ahead of us, the landscape and their competitors. Looking forward to a long relationship Superior!
We’ve been using Superior for over 5 years. We came to them because our last manufacturer stopped making the capsule size I needed. I looked everywhere for a replacement. Luckily, I found Superior. They quoted me a fair price and sourced a hard to find ingredient quickly. In the 5 years we’ve had them make our product, which is a custom formulation, they have never delivered late once. Quality control is very high and I get constant updates from Phil our point person while it is being manufactured. I cannot recommend them enough.
Our previous manufacturer was 3 months late on a production and barely spoke with us. We have run many runs with Superior and as with all manufacturing, there was an order that was a little late because of poor crop growth. Not only did they warn us ahead of time they showed us the list of suppliers they were calling day and night to try to find replacement material. Best company ever!
Jake, Justine and Phil are just a few of the team members we have had the pleasure of working with at Superior. As a marketing agency working in the supplement industry, we work with many suppliers on behalf of our clients. I especially appreciate Superior Supplements Manufacturing because of their dedication to customer relationships. They go to extreme measures to ensure quality ingredients, fair pricing and great turn around times. The staff is also extremely knowledgeable. I would highly recommend this team.