Why Superior

We are known throughout the industry for our expertise, traditional values, integrity and personal hands-on approach of doing what is right for our clients.

Our custom supplement manufacturer company distinguishes itself from others you may consider working with in five ways:

1. Superior Customer Service – If you choose to do your manufacturing of supplements with us we guarantee you will be satisfied. With a custom supplement manufacturer industry filled with poor customer service we are different because we actually care about your success.

2. Minimum Order Quantities – As a manufacturer of private label supplements our Minimum Order Quantities (MOQs) are set per each delivery forms and usually run high. We do this so we can provide the best quality customer service possible to each and every customer. Tell us which delivery form you need and we will let you know the MOQ for that form, Capsules, Tablets, Gummies, Sachets, Powders, Blister, and Stick Packs, etc. Another advantage of choosing us is that except for gummies our ready-made private label nutritional supplements usually have a turn-around time of only 7 to 10 days.

3. Dedicated Product Consultants – Your consultant will guide you through manufacturing supplements from start to finish, giving all the expertise and help you need to develop, deliver and market your products.

4. Special Ingredients and Products – With access to special ingredients, products and formulas, our custom supplement manufacturer goal is to help you create a product that is unique among your competitors and delivers unique value to your customers.

5. High Quality Label Design – The importance of a high quality label when manufacturing supplements is that it helps your product sell well by educating and conveying the benefits of your product. We have the labeling experience to give you that edge.

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Our Expertise is Your Advantage

Our Unique 6 Step Process for Success

Step 1
The Start of Our Business Relationship

Service is the cornerstone of Superior Supplement Manufacturing’s success. Your Account Executive’s high standards of excellence will meet your specific needs of manufacturing supplements from the point of formulation development to the finished product. He’ll gather all the necessary details from you and submit them to the lab where our formulators review your formula and screen for banned ingredients. We then create an all ingredient formulation sheet. This sheet will go to our sourcing department where we will aggressively source for the best ingredient and packaging pricing. This may take a little time, but for the success of your product it is well worth it.

Step 2
Quote Prepared & Best Pricing Established

Based on the analysis of your specific needs and results from our sourcing department a firm quote will be prepared. This will be based on the Master Batch Record that lists everything the custom supplement manufacturer will need to meet a finished product that meets your specifications. Best pricing will be established based on the ingredients chosen, packaging and labeling. Then a detailed description of how our two companies will interact during production, including a schedule for delivery.

Manufacturing Begins

Step 3  Weeks 1 – 2*
With Quote Approval Raw Materials are Ordered and We Begin the Labeling Process

Specific ingredients and packaging materials are placed on order with one or more of our vetted, certified, quality-proven suppliers. If you are having a label designed by us we will make sure its content meets the FDA guidelines. Be aware that it can often be labels that hold up a production schedule. It is important to start early in the production cycle to ensure timely delivery.

Step 4   Weeks 2 – 3*
Quality Verification to meet ALL Standards

As the production process moves along all the ingredients are rigorously tested in our custom supplement manufacturer laboratories. We do this when manufacturing supplements to ensure we are meeting your product’s specifications of Purity, Strength, Composition and Physical criteria, as well as our own high standards.

Step 5   Weeks 4 – 5*
Compounding & Flavoring with Quality & Taste Testing

Materials are blended according to each product’s specific recipe and finished in the appropriate form for ingestion. With thousands for custom flavoring agents and modifiers to choose from no one ever gets your unique flavor or taste. Batches are sampled to ensure all quality standards have been met; the product has visual appeal and taste tested.

Step 6   Weeks 6 – 8*
Packaging & Shipping

Approved product is made ready for market by first being place consumer-use containers, which then go into retail-ready boxes if needed, and finally into corrugated shipping containers. Shipment-ready materials are stored in SSMFG’s climate controlled warehouse. When released by you product is placed in transport to your designated location(s) using any of several commercial delivery methods.

*Actual times my vary depending on the complexity of the formula.