7 Questions to Ask Your Private Label Supplement Manufacturer

The private label nutritional supplement business is booming, and it could be a wise venture for you to be starting a supplement company. Yet, not all nutritional supplement companies thrive or survive, and much of their success or failure is linked to which manufacturer was chosen. In fact, choosing the best nutritional supplement manufacturers is so important that the bulk of your startup process when starting a supplement company should be focused on this selection process. Here are some important questions to ask potential manufacturers.

What is your private labeling minimum order?
Many private label nutritional supplement manufacturers place minimum ordering restrictions on the orders of their customers. However, if you’re just starting up your nutritional supplement company, you may not have the funds available to meet large minimum orders. As such, before selecting a manufacturer, ask about their experience working with small startup companies and learn about any existing minimum ordering restrictions or if they offer private label supplements in low minimums.

Do you offer label templates?
The labeling of your nutritional supplements is one of the most important startup processes, as the labels must be FDA compliant. As such, avoid common mistakes by finding nutritional supplement manufacturers that can provide templates for vitamin label designs. Templates will save you time, money, and the large costs that come with having to redo non-compliant labels.

Are you compliant with FDA GMPs?
When starting a supplement company, don’t waste your time with nutritional supplement manufacturers that struggles to remain compliant with FDA Good Manufacturing Practices. A non-compliant manufacturer will cost you time, money and more. Before choosing a manufacturer, ask about their history of FDA compliance and inquire about their internal auditing process to remain compliant.

How long have you been in business?
Knowing how long a manufacturer has been in business will show you just how much they know about the private label supplement industry. A manufacturer with a proven record of success will be able to guide you through the startup process and can become an ally on your road to success.

What is your average customer service response time?
Your manufacturer should be available when you need assistance. As such, when comparing nutritional supplement manufacturers, ask about their average customer service response times and learn how many calls are answered live. Knowing this information when starting a supplement company can help you avoid future customer service frustrations.

What is your average order lead time?
You don’t want to sit around waiting for a supplement order to arrive when you could have been selling those supplements days ago. As such, the manufacturer you select should have an average order lead time that matches your ordering expectations.

Do you offer more than pills?
While you may be starting a supplement company with only pills, a time will come when you may want to branch into other realms. As such, inquire on the other products that potential nutritional supplement manufacturers offer to easily expand your company in the future.

Don’t settle for any private label supplement manufacturer. Instead, complete a thorough comparison of manufacturers by learning all that you can about the options. Superior Supplement Manufacturing offers superior customer service, is compliant with FDA GMPs and is the trusted private label supplement manufacturer of many nutritional supplement companies.