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Yacon: A Sweetener with Untapped Potential

Yacon, a plant with the Latin name of Smallanthus sonchifoliais, is naturally found in the Andes. It is closely related to sunflowers, and its leaves and small yellow and orange flowers are reminiscent of wild sunflowers as well. The plant has large bulbous roots which are about 70 percent water. Interestingly, on a dry weight basis, the roots are about 24 percent protein. However what is remarkable about Yacon is the extract from its root system.
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Vitamin D: More than Sunshine

For years it was automatically assumed that as long as there was sunshine, our Vitamin D was automatically sufficient. However, with changing times and lifestyles, many individuals may not be getting enough Vitamin D into their bodies. Vitamin D or Cholecalciferol is synthesized in our skin. While whole exposure as brief as 30 minutes has been shown to benefit mammals[i] humans not only are covered, but many spend large amounts of time under artificial light in office buildings (especially in winter).
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Vitamin B-12: Essential for Peak Athletic Performance and Mental Attitude

The vast majority of Americans normally get the benefits of vitamin B12 from meats, fish and shellfish. Though claimed to be present in various seaweeds and algae, it has not been clearly established as to whether that form can be utilized. According to a fairly recent Gallup Poll (July 26, 2012) about 5 percent of the population are vegetarians and 2 percent are vegan. While there are no reliable data as to the percentage of athletes who are vegetarian, we do know that among younger, college-educated men and women the vegetarian percentage may be as high as 7 percent.
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Vitamin B-3: For Energy, Lower Cholesterol and Athletic Nutrition

Vitamin B-3 or Niacin cannot be stored by the human body but must be constantly replenished from food sources or supplements. Foods naturally higher in B-3 include organ meats, chicken, dates, avocados, nuts and mushrooms. The highest single source is Brewer’s yeast. A lack of B-3 typically presents itself in terms of fatigue and many energy drinks are supplemented with the vitamin to promote wakefulness. The medical community has long recognized the importance of Niacin, particularly as it relates to many aspects of heart and circulatory health.
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Magnesium: Essential for Exercise and Fitness

Magnesium for exercise is not normally thought of, but as it is turning out the benefits of magnesium supplements include playing a critical role in athletic performance. The connection between low magnesium and heart disease has long been studied and in fact low magnesium has been considered a major cardiovascular risk. For example, research has explored the association between low magnesium, and sudden death[i] and later, low magnesium as a risk for heart disease in general.[ii] Why would such a seemingly common element be under suspicion as an underlying factor for poor heart health? Because we may not be supplementing
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Maca – The Peruvian Root for Energy and Athletic Performance

Maca is the root of an herb-like plant that is found in the Andes of Peru. It is cultivated by hand and has traditionally been found on the sides of mountains where sheep and Alpaca graze. It may take on different colors and shapes from plant to plant and it is approximately the size of a turnip. It has been consumed over the centuries as a food and it is therefore very safe to eat. Peruvian maca root has been receiving more notice lately not for its food qualities but for its athletic performance enhancing traits and among supplements for
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L-Glutamine: The Healing Amino Acid for Athletic and Weight Lifting Performance

Glutamine is an amino acid, one of 20 amino acids that are required for protein synthesis by the human body. As opposed to many body building and athletic performance supplements, it is relatively easy to talk about L-Glutamine benefits. By that statement we mean that so much has been written about the L-Glutamine supplement, and it is overwhelmingly positive. L-Glutamine supplement benefits have long included the ability to help the body heal after it has undergone a traumatic event. For example, a 1998 research study[i] entitled: “Total Parenteral Nutrition with Glutamine Dipeptide After Major Abdominal Surgery,” showed that it accelerated
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L-Arginine AKG: Building Strength and Blood Flow in Athletes

L-Arginine AKG is scientifically known as L-Arginine Alpha Ketoglutarate. It is a salt of arginine, a non-essential amino acid that has been used by body builders to increase blood flow to the muscles and to boost workout endurance. L-Arginine itself has received widespread attention for its use in helping patients in congestive heart failure, impotence (erectile dysfunction) and peripheral blood flow problems. Both L-Arginine and L-Arginine AKG supplement increase the body’s output of Nitric oxide. This gas increases the diameter (the vasodilation) of the blood vessels in the body[i] which in turn increases blood flow and improves workouts and lowers
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L-Arginine: An Amino Acid for Athletic Performance

L-Arginine amino acid is what is known as a non-essential amino acid in that it is normally created by the human body from food sources; most commonly, dairy products and nuts. However, because it is said to be non-essential should not mean that it is not required. As research continues to explore all of the L-Arginine amino acid benefits, especially to athletes of all kinds is particularly important. The first clues to an L-Arginine vitamin and athletics are its abilities to help with wound healing of both muscle and bones as the result of injuries. For example, a 2005 study[i]
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Forskolin: An Amazing New Look at an Ancient Supplement

Forskolin Benefits in Weight Loss America is obsessed with weight loss and there are no end to the supplements and dietary regimens that are consumed to take off weight. Most are unproven and not natural in origin. Among the “proven” over-the-counter weight loss supplements that has been granted approval by the FDA is the drug Orlistat which, according to WebMD, blocks 25 percent of all of the fats that are ingested.  On the surface, this chemical appears to have great promise. However, the site is quick to point out: “Orlistat helps people lose weight as long as they also follow
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