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In the competitive world of dietary supplements, it is important to give your customers a reason to keep choosing your brand. When it comes to flavored supplements, one of the ways to do this is to have a unique and delicious flavor. With our supplement manufacturing services, you can have a custom flavor or multiple flavors that make your brand stand out from the others. Whether your needs are large or small, we can meet them with our access to multiple large production facilities across the country.


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Types of Flavors for Supplements

When it comes to supplement flavors, there are artificial and natural types. Natural flavors may be ideal for drinks or mixtures that do not have an unpleasant taste. However, artificial flavors can be modified more and are better for masking unpleasant tastes. Since some vitamins and minerals are bitter, it is important to have a custom flavor created to balance any unpleasant tastes. These are some examples of popular flavors that people choose:

  • Chocolate
  • Vanilla
  • Peanut butter
  • Cherry
  • Grape
  • Strawberry

There are many other choices as well. We can also create customized mixtures. For example, if you want to create a line of drinkable supplements with flavor combinations, such as cherry limeade, we can help. Our flavors can also be made with artificial or natural sweeteners and colors.

Types of Supplements That Need Flavors

If your supplement is a drink or is chewable, it should have a good flavor. For example, if you make a protein powder or a pre-mixed drink for immune support, flavoring is important. These are some examples of supplements that sellers usually want to add flavors to:

  • Dissolvable powders
  • Protein powders
  • Gummies
  • Chewable tablets
  • Drink mixtures

As a turnkey manufacturer, we handle everything from preliminary R&D to final packaging. Also, we offer several respected certification options, including Certified Organic, Kosher and others. With us, you can get quality products to market quicker.

Importance of Custom Flavors for Supplements

With some standard flavor oils, you risk creating supplements that will taste bitter or bland. Not all flavoring agents are made to mask the bitterness of certain vitamins, minerals or other substances. We can find the right types of flavoring and the right mixtures for any type of supplement. With a tailored flavoring mixture, you have the assurance that it is ideal for your needs.

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How We Create Supplement Flavoring

Because we have a robust supply chain, our company has access to a wide range of flavoring agents and sources. We can source nearly any type of flavoring that you want, and our experienced teams know how to make simple or complex flavors. These are the main steps in the process.

Step 1: We Help You Plan Your Supplement Flavoring

In this initial phase, we discuss your goals for supplement flavoring. Our teams learn what you want. These are some examples of points that we cover with you to make sure that we create a flavoring you will like:

  • The type of supplement and its delivery form.
  • The desired color to match the flavor.
  • The types of flavors and sweeteners that you prefer to combine.
  • The types of special manufacturing standards or certifications that you want to use.

When we handle your supplement manufacturing needs, we go over packaging, labeling and other important details with you during this initial phase.

Step 2: We Create, Test and Modify Your Custom Supplement Flavoring

Once we know what you want, we work on creating the supplement flavoring. These are the main steps in this phase:

  • We create flavor charts and help you determine choices that give you a competitive advantage.
  • We develop flavors that fit your specifications and needs.
  • We test the flavors and have you test several variations.
  • We modify the flavors and retest if necessary.

With flavors, we are not satisfied until you are. Our goal is to create the perfect flavor that sets you apart from the other leading brands in your market. Our teams have access to excellent ingredients and modern equipment, and they know the proper methods for creating tasty flavors.

Step 3: We Complete Your Supplement Flavor Manufacturing Project

If you use our supplement manufacturing services to create and package your nutraceuticals as well, the next step is using the flavoring in your chosen supplement delivery form. When we make supplements, we measure and process them carefully, inspect them, package them and inspect them again before we send them. We notify you when your supplement or flavoring order leaves a facility.

Common Concerns With Supplement Flavoring Manufacturing

Most nutraceutical companies today are concerned about the quality of the ingredients that are used in flavoring mixtures. They are also concerned about the suppliers that provide them, and they are concerned about the methods and social responsibility of the suppliers. Another common issue is production capacity. Rest assured that these are all important to us as well. These are some of the ways that we handle such concerns:

  • We have a large supply chain and work with reliable suppliers.
  • We research our suppliers to ensure that they use proper sourcing methods and are socially responsible.
  • Since we work with multiple large production facilities, our capacity is extensive.
  • The production facilities follow cGMPs, FDA rules and other regulations to ensure that they meet or exceed minimum standards.

Why Work With Us for Supplement Flavoring Manufacturing?

When you choose Superior for your supplement flavor creation or supplement manufacturing needs, you enjoy these benefits:

  • We offer access to more than 95% of the industry’s delivery forms and packaging configurations.
  • Our teams can handle complex or simple formulation, R&D and flavoring.
  • As our name implies, our customer service team and our policies are superior.
  • We assign a dedicated account representative to guide you through each step.
  • Our expansive capacity gives us the ability to meet your growing production needs.

We are happy to provide you with any additional paperwork that you need for testing or other steps. Superior has helped Fortune 500 companies, small startups and all sizes of businesses in between. Please contact us to learn more about our supplement flavoring manufacturing services.

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