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By definition, soy refers to the widely cultivated plant of the pea family that produces soybeans. It has been part of the traditional Asian diets for thousands of years.

Soy is arguably the most popular source of plant-based protein. It has many health benefits, including lowering cholesterol, improving fertility, and reducing symptoms of menopause.


1. Lowers Total and LDL Cholesterol

Several studies suggest that soy may lower cholesterol, especially LDL “bad” cholesterol.

This extensive review of 35 studies concludes that consuming soy products and supplements helps lower LDL “bad” cholesterol while raising HDL “good” cholesterol, especially in people with high cholesterol levels.

Furthermore, another review of 38 studies found out that taking 47 grams of soy a day is directly linked to a 9.3% decrease in total cholesterol and a 13% decrease in LDL cholesterol.

According to many scientists, fiber is responsible for the cholesterol-lowering effects of soy.

During a study on 121 adults with high cholesterol levels who took 25 grams of soy protein with or without soy fiber for 8 weeks, the soy with fiber reduced LDL cholesterol by over twice as much as with soy protein alone.

2. Improves Fertility

Multiple recent studies suggest that soy improves fertility outcomes in women who are trying to conceive or are undergoing fertility treatments.

According to this study conducted on 36 women who didn’t have a period in six months, those who took 6 grams of soy a day had notably higher rates of ovulation and menstrual cycles, compared to those who did not take soy.

Furthermore, another study on over 200 women receiving in vitro fertilization (IVF) treatments concludes that participants who took 1,500 milligrams of soy phytoestrogen daily had higher rates of pregnancy and implantation.

What’s even more impressive is that soy even protects your body against BPA — a chemical found in plastic that may have a negative impact on fertility.

That is exactly why women who ingest soy before IVF are more likely to have a successful pregnancy, compared to those who do not.

3. Reduces Symptoms of Menopause

Estrogen levels decrease during menopause, leading to symptoms like hot flashes.

Since soy contains isoflavone, which naturally acts as estrogen, it helps reduce symptoms of menopause — soy’s effect on menopause is backed by several scientific studies.

According to this review of 35 studies, soy isoflavone supplements raise estradiol (estrogen) levels in postmenopausal women by up to 14%.

Furthermore, another study concludes similar results: participants who were given soy isoflavone supplements daily experienced less hot flashes and other severe symptoms of menopause, compared to those who were given a placebo.


Health Issues Associated With Soy Deficiency

People who ingest soy daily have a significantly lower risk of suffering from the following health issues:

  • Menopause
  • High cholesterol
  • Certain fertility issues

So if you want to stay clear of these health issues, then add a soy supplement to your diet.


Daily Recommended Intake

The daily recommended intake of soy depends almost completely on the condition the user is trying to treat. During recent studies, the following amounts of soy were recommended:

  • For type 2 diabetes: 30 grams of soy protein containing 132 milligrams of phytoestrogens was given to participants daily for up to 12 weeks.
  • For high cholesterol:20-50 grams of soy protein was given to participants daily.
  • For irritable bowel syndrome (IBS):40 milligrams of soy containing isoflavone was given to participants daily for 6 weeks.


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